10 November 2015

Thanksgiving Supporting Cast

When you’re shopping for your veggies, main dish and dessert, don’t forget the supporting products that really finish a dish, like a good cheese or a splash of vinegar, or sprinkle of fresh hazelnuts. These are all things that you can purchase ahead of time to avoid overloading your shopping bags at the last minute.

Willamette Valley Cheese

  • Cranberry Havarti Cheese
    Great on turkey sandwiches
  • Chive & Black Pepper Cheddar
    Shred, and mix into mashed potatoes

Fraga Farmstead Creamery (Goat)

  • Raw Milk Goat Feta
    Add to green salads
  • Aged Rio Santiam
    Shred and sprinkle on variety of veggies, bake
  • Chevre
    Swirl into mashed potatoes

Portland Creamery

  • Pumpkin Stout Artisan Goat Cheese
  • Cranberry Orange Goat Cheese

Jacobs Creamery

Specials for November & December

  • Fresh hand churned butter
  • Reserved Gouda
  • Cheese Truffle Balls, rolled in pepper

Jam, Relish, Vinegar

Rose City Pepperheads

  • “Not So Nice Pumpkin Spice”
    Mix with whipping cream as topping on ice cream or cheesecake or drizzle on soup
  • “Crazy Cranberry”
    Spread on turkey sandwich or turkey roll-up or pour over cream cheese as appetizer
  • Bourbon Blaze
    Use as glaze on ham or vegetables

Blue Heron Herbary


Blue Heron Herbary “Cranberry Crush” white balsamic herb vinegar

  • “Cranberry Crush” White Balsamic Herb Vinegar
    Great for salad dressing, sautéed greens, and/or reduction for turkey or ham glaze

Cherry Country

  • Cranberry & Dried Cherry Relish with Orange Zest
    Available for holidays only

Unbound Pickling

  • FPickled Beets, with Pomegranate & Chai Spice
    Recommended for relish tray, or served with crackers and chevre, blue or goat cheese; a tasty addition to a tossed salad.
  • Maraschino Cherries, Hazlenut and Chai Spice
    Use as a topping to enhance desserts or in your favorite cocktail.



Unbound Pickling cherries & beets

Lonesome Whistle Farm

  • Fresh Corn Flour for baking corn bread

Freddy Guys Hazelnuts

  • Whole, Chopped, and Crushed hazelnuts for pies, crusts, and salads