24 August 2012

The Days Dwindle Down

How is it late August already? This would be frustrating if it were not for the beautiful days, the abundance of produce and the fact there are a few more weeks of summer to wring out of the calendar.

Portland State Market, tomorrow, 8:30-2. The Market is back in place after rearranging its footprint to accommodate the University’s summer graduation. We have so much going on – kids will be cooking making veg sushi. The Underscore Orkestra will be at the Market – they’ve just returned from a seven country European tour and this will be one of the few Portland appearances before they leave for Australia to play their Klezmer-Swing-Roma-inspired jazz.  They hit the stage at PSU at 11 on Saturday and will also entertain lunch time shoppers at Pioneer Square on Monday.

Allison Jones, resident Foodist at Portland Monthly will be on hand working with Chef in the Market, Matt Christianson, of Urban Farmer. Free copies of Portland Monthly will be available at the event and at the market.

Farming is a dangerous occupation, often one that isn’t profitable enough that farmers can affird health insurance. Our friends at Willamette Farm and Food Coalition, sent us an email letting us know that Jeff Broadie of Lonesome Whistle Farm had an accident involving a combine. That sentence is gruesome enough that more details aren’t needed. Jeff is recovering and will be fine. Although Lonesome Whistle isn’t a PFM farm, we want to help Jeff out. Readers can do so in two ways. First is money – You can help defray the medical costs by sending checks to and mail to: WFFC, PO Box 41672, Eugene, OR 97404, be sure to mention Jeff or Lonesome Whistle. Second, they’re also organizing volunteers for a few harvest work parties. The first one will be this Sunday from 10am – 2pm.  Helpers will be hand pulling bean plants and laying them on tarps to dry. Please bring sun hat, water bottle, and a pair of work gloves. Directions and RSVP to Isabelle@lanefood.org  or call Isabelle at (541) 345-0265.

I get the plant part,
where does the egg come in

If you follow us on Facebook, you may have noticed that the last 3 photos we’ve posted are summer squash, tomatoes and eggplant, the trinity of ratatouille. In case you are wondering about what to cook now that it’s safe to turn on the oven again, PFM’s Director Trudy Toliver shared her recipe of the veg laden dish here. Like Trudy, you cook one big thing and enjoy it for lunch during the week or have a meal for friends and family, goes well with Twist wines. There are other things to make too in an oven, onion tart with goat’s cheese, roasted veg, pie – oh so much stuff for pie, peach pie, cherry pie, berry pie, it really is endless. The great thing about 80 degree days, you can still grill, salad it up or turn the oven on, so many options.

Kenton is again tonight Friday. Special message to our friends in Vancouver and we know you read this –  Kenton is right off I-5, it runs 3-7, you can drive north, pick up just the right amount of vegetables and finish your commute after the traffic dies down. Love to have you stop by.

Monday is Pioneer Courthouse Square Market. Only a handful left before the market shutters for the year at the end of September. Enjoy lunch, eat berries, take home dinner. It is a little jewel nestled in the heart of downtown between 10-2.