01 November 2015

The Main Event

Thanksgiving is just a month away and you know what that means: it’s time to start planning the big meal. There are some things you can leave until later – like decor, dessert, sides, drinks and appetizers – but one there is one thing you should take care of right away: the centerpiece of your meal.

A traditional Thanksgiving meal features a turkey at the center but there are so many other options available, especially at our PSU Market. So whether you’re looking for a turkey or want to plan something different to please the carnivores at your holiday table, we’ve got you covered.

Below is a guide of what meaty main dishes you can serve this year. Note that many of these can be purchased at the market without advance notice, but several of them do require pre-ordering. Availability can be limited the closer we get to the holiday, so visit the market this week or call to place an order as soon as possible.


Jacobs Creamery – Visit PSU on Saturdays or email Lisa Jacobs to place an order. A $40 deposit is required, and birds can be picked up at a meeting spot on the Sunday before Thanksgiving. For more information or to place a special order, email jacobscreamery@gmail.com.

Pono Farm – Special order only; email adam@ponofarm. Pick up at market .

Deck Family Farm – Visit PSU on Saturdays or email info@deckfamilyfarm.com to pre-order. Pick up at market.

SuDan Farm – Visit PSU on Saturdays or call 503-651-5262 for availability and pricing. Special orders and pick up at market welcome. Home delivery available for an extra charge.


SuDan Farm – Bone-in leg and boneless leg of lamb. Available at market or via special order. Visit PSU on Saturdays for more information and pricing or call 503-651-5262.


Carman Ranch – Bone-in rib roast (special order only), brisket cuts for braising, sausage links. To pre-order, email chad@carmanranch.com. Pick up at market.


Sweet Briar Farms – Pork leg roast, bacon, sausages. Available for pick up at market, no pre-order required.

Pono Farm – Ham available via special order only. adam@ponofarm to pre-order. Pick up at market.


Pine Mountain Ranch – Yak and buffalo roasts. Pick up at market, no pre-order required.

Linda Brand Crab – Fresh sole, halibut, rockfish and crab meat. Previously frozen troll-caught salmon also available. Pick up at market, no pre-order required.