10 June 2013

The Perfect Protein

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Courtesy of theperfectprotein.org

Andy Sharpless is reading at Annie Bloom’s Books Tuesday, June 11 at 7 pm to promote his book, The Perfect Protein. This is a chance to learn more about fish diets and fisheries.

In his foreword to the book, former President Bill Clinton described the simple solutions offered by The Perfect Protein as unlike any other proposals being made today.

The Perfect Protein makes the argument for fish and seafood as the healthiest, cheapest, and most environmentally friendly source of animal protein in the world – and provides commonsense guidelines for consumers to identify the most nutritious and sustainable varieties available at their local grocery stores and restaurants. Commonsense guidelines for consumers trying to find, understand, and choose sustainably-caught seafood:  

  • How we can strategically better manage more than 75% of the world’s catch and feed an additional 700 million people a day with sustainable seafood by changing international regulations in just 25 countries
  • Case studies illustrating how good ocean management can help overfished fish species recover and return to abundance 
  • Why we should all be eating more small fish like sardines and anchovies instead of letting it be fed to salmon, pigs and other livestock
  • The incredible health benefits of seafood, including its effect on cardiovascular disease and its critical omega 3 fatty acids content
  • The challenge posed by the need to sustain 9 billion people by 2050 and the overlooked, extremely vital role that seafood can play in that challenge
  • 21 recipes by top chefs that use sustainable fish and seafood products so that you can take the first steps towards an environmentally-friendly, healthy, fish-centric diet