05 October 2010

Trailhead Coffee Roasters: On a Roll

Trailhead hits the trail for Cycle Oregon - photo by James Hook

When Charlie Wicker of Trailhead Coffee Roasters declared that he was going to ride this year’s Cycle Oregon on his rolling café bike, there was some skepticism. More than 400 hundred miles and 26,000 feet of altitude gain on a 110-pound bike? Even if he could…why would he?

Fast forward to the beginning of October. Those lucky enough to spot the bike making deliveries or serving coffee can see that Charlie did indeed complete the ride. The proof? Look closely at the back of the rolling café bike, where Charlie has attached the 2010 Cycle Oregon dog tags that are only given to riders who completed the epic journey.

The Proof

Among the other “firsts” for Trailhead Coffee Roasters in 2010 is his presence at two Portland Farmers Market locations: Shemanski Park and Buckman. (Charlie much prefers his commute to these markets from his northeast Portland roast facility, compared to the 80-mile rides of Cycle Oregon!) Market visitors in need of great coffee can get a delicious stovetop espresso served from the top of his café bike. 

The infamous cafe bike at Buckman Market

Trailhead features coffees that support women, families and communities where the beans are grown. Most of the coffees are actually farmed by women, and they benefit directly from the business through the Café Femenino organization. Those not harvested by women have a percentage of profits that fund a revolving Kiva micro-loan program that supports women entrepreneurs in Africa. In addition to rolling to the markets, all of Trailhead’s local deliveries to retailers and cafes are done by bike.

For more information about Trailhead Coffee Roasters, come to the Shemanski Park Market on Wednesdays or visit www.trailheadcoffeeroasters.com.

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