17 June 2010

Urban Sketchcrawl @ King Market 6/20

Why sketch a still life when you can sketch real life?

At least that’s how the Urban Sketchers see it. As a nonprofit organization dedicated to raising awareness of the artistic, storytelling, and educational value of location drawing, Urban Sketchers promotes the practice of capturing everyday phenomena through a variety of mediums and connects artists around the world through a network of blogs and photo-sharing groups.  By providing an online forum in which people connect through their personal artwork, Urban Sketchers has created a new type of dynamic social media that reflects not only the artists’ individual experiences, but also the living, breathing scenes and cities that they have captured. If a picture can say a thousand words, the Urban Sketchers project speaks volumes.

As a city that embodies all things ‘local’ and ‘artistic,’ it’s no wonder that the Urban Sketchers of Portland have thrived as a chapter of this global network.  Combining Portland’s artistic appreciation and support for the local food movement, Urban Sketchers of Portland have designated this Sunday’s June 20th King Portland Farmers Market as the next location of its city-wide ‘sketchcrawl’. They invite all artists – professional, self-proclaimed, or amateur – to join in, so maybe it’s your turn to slow down, take a break, and see the world one drawing at a time.