09 May 2016

Vendor Profile: Packer Orchards

This season marks the 25th Season of the Portland Farmers Market—a milestone that could not be achieved without the passion and advocacy of our vendors.

Over the course of the summer we will highlight vendors that have been with us since the beginning, and how the market contributed to their own success—like Packer Orchards & Bakery based out of Hood River, Oregon.  A fourth generation family orchard and complementary bakery, Packer Orchards is set to expand in June 2016 with the purchase of Rasmussen Farms.  Co-owner and operator, Tammi Packer, recounts humble beginnings at the market:

“My favorite memory is our first day at the Portland Farmers Market down by the river, just remembering how amazingly lucky we feel to be part of the growth at the market.  Our market days started with one of our old pick-up trucks, boxes of apples and an old scale.  At the time, we did not even have a canopy or tables that I can remember.  We backed into our spot and opened the tail gate.  Those were the days!!  We now have a year round bakery/jam kitchen that employs up to eight women year round with many more added in the summer months.  Farmers Markets started as extra grocery money for this farmer’s wife with four children, now an essential part of our farm operation.”

With a growing business and community-focused roots, we couldn’t be more proud of your accomplishments!

-Laura Cooper