02 March 2012

Visionary Plan

By Trudy Toliver

Strategic planning is something any organization worth its salt must do. PFM’s current plan is our North Star; it’s what the staff looks to for guidance and the board holds us accountable for. Last fall a dozen or more board and staff members held-up for a day in the upstairs community room of Firehouse Restaurant to map out it all out.  With the help of nonprofit consultant, Lynn Youngbar, we worked in small groups and large to generate ideas, assess research, prioritize actions and try to avoid word-smithing.  That day culminated the bulk of our efforts toward a plan with inspiring goals that require some stretch and strategies that will make a difference for farmers and shoppers at the markets.  Each year we’ll review results, learn from missteps, look again to the North and refine our plans for the coming year.

Download full image here or visit our mission, plan and values at our website here.

Strategic Plan 2012-15 V M goals only

Roadmap to the future