29 October 2010

Weekly Market Report – I’ll Carve you like a Pumpkin Edition

If the Market had to have a favorite holiday, and why limit ourselves to one, it would be Halloween. At 9am our pumpkin carving contest commences (Until 12 or while supplies last). Simple carving tools provided. Prize baskets for adult and child (15 and under) awarded at 12:30.

All-ages children’s costume parade around the market assembles at 12:00pm at information booth. Goodie bags provided to all parade participants. What is more adorable than a pageant of young goblins, superheros and the occasional honey bee? That is not a rhetorical question – the answer is nothing, nothing is more adorable.

If you wisely avoid sharp, pointy things out of caution or fear, our friends at COUNTRY Financial are hosting a pumpkin painting this Sunday. If you think pumpkins are for pies – trick or treat at the market information booth, children’s costume parade at 12:00. BTW- it is the last Market at King this year, that alone should be motivation to get your relaxed Sunday self to NE 7th and Wygant between 10-2.

Back to PSU for a moment… Juniper Grove, Market Gourmet, Lavender Haven, Natures Fountain and Gala Springs are all lined up and ready to sell.

What is cooler than an accordion? An accordion with strings – 3 Leg Torso will be playing PSU between 11-2. Organic Gardening will have a stage and host demos – Springwater Farm’s Kathryn Yoemans shows off her cooking skills. (I hear she’ll be dressed as a chef for Halloween/the demo).

This Saturday’s PSU Market goes from 8:30-2 (New hours in November 9-2). King Market runs Sunday 10-2.