19 August 2010

Weekly Market Report – Missed Last Week Edition

Last week was crazy with the heat – I’d love to tell you the high temperatures broke the internets and left me unable to publish a report but I just didn’t budget my time accordingly. Right now, there isn’t enough time to write about everything available at our 6 Markets.

Tomatoes, a subject we covered on the blog in an interview with Ripe author Arthur Allen. Tomatoes, are in fact ripe and ready, but that doesn’t do the subject justice – heirlooms, Early Girls, beefsteak, cherry, romas – yellow, red, pink, green on purpose cultivars: there is a color size and flavor profile for every tomato enthusiast alive. And then there are other 100s of other vegetables that are in the prime of their season.

I Should Look So Good

And Speaking of tomatoes, Friend of the Market, Katherine Deumling will be leading a tour of the Buckman Market Thursday the 26th before returning to her home a block away to make pizza. You can learn more about how you can cook with Katherine, the Human iphone App, by visiting her website.

Across the river at our 23 Market, there will be tomatoes, bread and fresh basil for tonight’s Panzanella. Or the same ingredients in a different configuration plus cheese is a grilled cheese good enough to make you weep. That and salad is a fine dinner. Or pesto, pesto that lives outside the box, or fruit, or wine, or 100s of other items you can grab on your way home from work between 3-7 on the corner of 23rd and Savier.

PSU hosted their summer graduation last week, the week before was the Iranian Festival and all season has been a constant juggle contending with construction issues. This week though, Portland State is at 100%, the fence is down and there are some slight changes. Added to the weekly roster – Lady Lane Farm and her/their fresh Jersey milk will be at PSU for the remainder of the season.

King is King. Sure it is the closest Market to my home and I get to sing ‘who are the people in my neighborhood’ every time I attend, but that isn’t why I go: Neighbors be damned, I go for the blueberries, peaches and Wag Eggs.

Pioneer Courthouse Square Market is 10-2 on Mondays. This week our other Friend of the Market, Country Financial will be handing out recipes at their booth – French Toast and blueberry compote, yeah when that is on the menu breakfast is the most important meal of the day.