23 September 2010

Weekly Market Report-Pears are Amongst Us Edition

Today may be the first day of Autumn but we are in the middle of Pear Season.

Oregonians grow $110 million worth of the fruit. Pacific Northwesterners pretty much own the domestic and export markets. We love us some pears at the Market and not just because it is mandated as the official state fruit of Oregon. We don’t need an official decree to tell us they are good. You can read more about the virtues and possibilities of pears, at least as according to our friend Nicolette Smith here. There is really no end to their use and with associated words like pyrus, pyriform, perry, there is no end to the fruits usage either.

Pearity; Photo N. Smith

Gala Springs’ organic pears are good to eat out of hand, or cut them up in a salad. Try them sautéed in butter and served over pancakes. With the proper know-how; 30 lbs can be pretty good mashed then triple-distilled to make a Poire Eaux de Vie, or Pear Brandy. Combine it (either the eaux da vie or the actual pears) with Vincent Cranberries for a sweet/tart treat. Or Monteillet Fromagerie Cheese, featured in the news here.

You can get pears at all 6 of our Markets this week. It is the second to last week for both the Buckman and 23rd Ave Markets – enjoy the Markets while they last, they end next week on the last day of September. Our King and Pioneer Square Markets go until the End of October, but don’t squander your chances to attend…like summer they will be gone before you realize they were here.

And speaking of Pioneer Square Market, this Monday our friends and Market sponsors, Country Financial, will be at the Market handing out 200 reusable shopping bags. Okay, that is nice, but garnering reusable totes isn’t the problem, remember to bring them along is, so why bring this up?

1) They are nice bags at a great price.

2) One of the bags will have a certificate for $200 worth of Market tokens – all the better shop with.

That will keep you in pears for some time.