05 August 2010

Weekly Market Report – Pie Squared Edition

Pietopia at Buckman Market today – As much as I like pie: In no particular order. Peach Pie, Blueberry Pie, Peach-Blueberry Pie, Apple Pie, Pumpkin Pie, Pecan Bourbon Pie, Cherry Pie, Strawberry Pie and chicken pot pie on the savory side…I’m not really sure I could stand to have my pie judged. But hats off to the brave souls who paid $10 entry fee, baked 4 pies and are ready to stand judged today at the Buckman Market.

Friend of the Market, Piper Davis, owner of Grand Central Bakery, will sit in stone cold judgment along with Bill Bogenschutzowner of the late Pie Truck, Amber Darrington, owner of Le Cookie Monkey Bakery and Evan Dohrmann & Ali Jepson of The Little Red Bike Café. Good luck to all who enter and those who judge. Since pie people are more chill than pork lovers; we are all optimistic this doesn’t devolve into a fist fight or worse a pie throwing contest.

Trip to the Berriful

Speaking of pie, I saw so many fruits that could go into a Pie at our markets this week. Peaches, berries – black, rasp and blue. Eggs for the custard lovers, honey to sweeten, cheese to make savory pies, butter for the crust and mascarpone and ricotta to top it off. I am hungry for pie, it is a good thing all those ingredients are available at all our markets this week.

And next week on the Facebook and the Twitter, we will have a contest concerning Whoopie Pie – which is one of the 4 ways whoopie/whoopee can be used in a sentence along with Gus Kahn’s Makin’, referencing unbridled childlike joy and Goldberg. Not sure what the contest will be yet but at stake – Some Whoopie Pie from the amazingly talented and recently birthday’d Lisa Clark of Petunia’s. Happy Birthday Lisa.

Even if you don’t play along with our contests on Facebook and Twitter, follow along for up to the minute Market news and fruit and veg availability.