15 March 2013

Welcome to Foodlandia

Portland has a reputation –  it’s about food and it’s a good one: To have a vibrant, nationally and internationally recognized food scene takes talented

Former PFM Director, Ann Forsthoefel & Current Mayor, Charlie Hales

Former PFM Director, Ann Forsthoefel & Current Mayor, Charlie Hales. (Ann is in the orange.)

individuals, a receptive audience and quality ingredients. All three can be found at Portland State Farmers Market. Knowledgeable, committed farmers, ranchers, growers and food producers bring their outstanding foods to an audience of thousands every week – it’s a virtuous circle and it’s a great place to be every Saturday between 8:30 and 2.

This week Charlie Hales, Mayor of Foodlandia/Portland, will be ringing in the PSU Season near the center of the Market at the music stage at 8:30. Join us, there will be words and well, bell ringing.

After the bell sounds, shoppers can get their kale and raab. Raab is easily one of my favorite vegetables: bitter – and that’s bitter as in salty, sour, bitter, sweet and sometimes umami – bitter, edible leaves tender, and sweet stems make for a perfectly balanced food. Sauteed in sesame oil, steamed, or chopped and cooked in olive oil, red pepper flakes and topped with pasta – it’s the best.

It’s not just about the veg with me, as a former midwesterner, I know cheese makes everything better. Our own Lisa Jacobs just scored a 98.75 at the World Cheese Championships with her Bloomy. That’s a top 10 finish and Bloomy is available at Jacobs Creamery this weekend.

Photo of Award winning Bloomy is unavailable.

Photo of Award winning Bloomy is unavailable.

4 new vendors join us for opening weekend. InTownAg, Mickleberry Gardens, Nossa Familia Coffee and Nectar Creek Honeywine will all be premiering this week. Real Good Food, Dave’s Killer Bread and Nut-Tricious will be on hand. At the risk of starting a riot, we share with you that Pine State Biscuits will not be at market opening day–prepare accordingly. You can find new and old favorites on our map – here.

You can rally with many of our growers, ranchers and farmers in Salem on Monday the 18th. Friends of Family Farmers has info on their event here. If distribution of food is your thing, Hollywood Theatre is showing the documentary, A Place At The Table, this weekend, with local anti-hunger groups available to answer questions.

PSU runs every Saturday until December. Raab and kale and mushrooms and bread and honey and leafy greens and a place to talk to your neighbors or discover new foods with your child/ren or get coffee and some breakfast with your sweetie. Please join us and the hardest working people you’ll meet – Oregon and Washington food growers. PFM’s other Markets come online as the season progresses. Look for news on this blog or the PFM website.