08 June 2012

With a Cherry on Top

Mayor Adams with wee Kenton Market shoppers

There is so much to look forward to this weekend.  First, if you feel like starting your weekend off with a bang, I suggest stopping by our new Kenton Market in North Portland, 3-7pm at N. McClellan and Denver.  You never know what might happen there.  Last week’s opening day started with a cameo by the Mayor, then a New Orleans style brass band marched through the market, then a transformer blew out the entire neighborhood and the party really started.

“Hot” is an understatement

Today,  possible thundershowers will pale in comparison to all the heat that Kenton Market is bringing.  There’s spicy handmade salsas from Hot Mama Salsa and Little Gnome Farm will have a heap of hot peppers, including the infamous Ghost Pepper, aka the Naga Bhut Jolokia pepper, aka the hottest pepper IN THE WORLD.  No joke, this pepper dominates the Scoville Scale (unit of measure of the spiciness of chili peppers) with a rating of over 1,000,000 units.  By way of comparison, your typical jalapeno tops out around 8,000.  Before you leave, cool down with an creamy cone from Scoop Handmade Ice Cream and fill your basket with fresh veg, cheese, salami and a plant start or two.

Get some

At PSU this Saturday the market will be positively overflowing with strawberries.  Unger Farm is bringing sweet, sweet Hoods.  You might also want to stop by Winters Farms for a taste comparison between Hood and Shuksan varieties.  It’s nearly impossible to decide which one is more delicious.

Strawberries will most definitely star in next week’s Kids Cook at the Market class.  Chef Cory Schreiber (of Wildwood fame) and students from The International Culinary School at the Art Institute of Portland will be making this mouthwatering berry fool recipe.  Want to sign up your kiddos up for the class?  Register here.

Perhaps the biggest news of the week?  CHERRIES, people!  Gala Springs will be bringing the first batch of cherries to market on Saturday at PSU and Sunday at King.  Prepare to fight me for them.

See, kids like to cook AND eat vegetables

Also at King this Sunday, Julie Merry from The Merry Kitchen will be showing kids how fun it is to cook and eat seasonally at our Bite Size Kids Cook class.  Classes are free and you can drop by to make lettuce wraps with strawberries, snap peas and mint all market long from 10am-2pm. The Merry Kitchen is a home-based cooking school for kids in NE Portland where Julie Merry teaches year round classes to kids, offers cooking birthday parties, and teaches after school cooking classes at various schools. To learn more, check out Merry Kitchen website and Facebook page.

Happy shopping and eating.  See you at the market(s).