13 April 2017

Zenger Farm Summer Camp Connects Kids to Local Food

Is your school aged child fascinated with where things come from, how they grow or do you just notice a difference in them when they play outside and get their hands dirty?

Is your most fervent wish that your child understands that food may come from the grocery store but doesn’t originate there? Do you want to encourage your child’s interest in food and cooking?

Zenger Farm has a great summertime camp for your budding master gardeners and chefs.

Zenger Farm is an urban farm operating within Portland’s borders. Located on SE Foster Road on the edge of Portland’s Lents neighborhood, Zenger Farm was once home to Mount Scott Dairy. As the city grew around this location, Zenger evolved. They remain a working farm that not only produces food, but they help bridge urban/rural bifurcation through education and experience: Their farm is a get-your-hands-dirty, cook-what-you-grow classroom for students who learn through participation.

Besides offering a hands-on adventure, Zenger Farm offers a day camp for school-aged children experience an authentic farm to table experience. It runs June 19-August 25, 2017.

A working farm dedicated to helping urbanites and wee urbanites understand where their food comes from is a boon for our community. Each day of camp offers K-12 students new adventures, and the opportunity for day campers to explore nature on the farm and wetlands, get their food directly from the source and learn how to cook what they grow. A true farm to table experience.

The camp offers a flexible drop-off, after camp activities and chickens. Learn more about the camp activities, schedule, and cost by meeting with Zenger Farm at the Portland State Farmers Market on Saturday, April 15 or if you’re already sure you want to begin your child’s lifelong obsession with food, gardening, and food, sign up here.


Photos courtesy of Zenger Farm