31 July 2010

7/31 Chef in the Market Demo: Dax Erickson, The MAC Club

July 31, 2010 Chef in the Market Demonstration by:

Dax Erickson, Chef de Cuisine; The MAC Club


Pickled Summer Vegetable Slaw

Herb and Cucumber Relish

Ingredients for Pickled Summer Vegetable Slaw:

(Please note that any summer vegetable can be used. The time for the pickling is dependent upon the overall density of the vegetable and the thickness in which you cut it.)

3 oz sweet onion

1C cabbage (julienned or shredded)

2 t ginger (peeled and minced)

2 cloves garlic

3 oz sweet or bell peppers (hot peppers can be used as well if desired)

3 oz carrot (julienned)

3 oz mushroom (field or seasonal varietal)

¼ C champagne vinegar

½ T sugar

1 T salt

To taste fresh cracked pepper

Directions for Pickled Summer Vegetable Slaw:

Process the vegetables:

  • As stated above the time for the vegetables to take on the marinade is dependent upon the type of vegetable you use and how thick you cut it. For this recipe all the vegetables are cut fairly thin to allow for a quick marinade.
  • Julienne the cabbage, peppers, and peeled carrot, place in a colander.
  • Thinly slice the garlic and mushroom (depending on what type of mushroom you use) and then place in the colander with the cabbage and carrots.
  • Peel and mince the ginger and place in the colander with the other vegetables.
  • Salt the vegetables, be sure to work the salt into them with your hands as you mix the ingredients.

Make the marinade:

  • In a small mixing bowl combine your vinegar and sugar, mixing them well.
  • Set aside.


  • When the vegetables have given off all the liquid they are going to, rinse with cold water and then place them in a mixing bowl and add the marinade.
  • Let stand lightly covered.

Ingredients for Herb & Cucumber Relish:

½ cucumber (peeled and seeded)

1 ½ C Italian parsley

½ C chive (or the green from a green onion)

2 T capers

1 T lemon juice (fresh)

½ C olive oil (extra virgin preferably)

Directions for Herb & Cucumber Relish:

Process the ingredients:

  • Finely dice the cucumber and place in a mixing bowl.
  • In a food processor blend the herbs, capers and lemon juice. When finely chopped turn off the processor and scrape down the sides.
  • Turn the food processor back on and slowly add the olive oil and continue to until the mixture is slightly creamy.
  • Take the herb mixture and fold in the fine diced cucumber.
  • Set aside.