20 September 2013

All Things Being Equinox

imageThis weekend’s confluence of apples, drizzle and an equinox means it’s time to say goodbye to summer. While this is sad for many, not for all; autumn is my favorite season. I like the cooler temps a.k.a; carbonara weather. There’s wool, pears, the World Series, pie; pumpkin pie – the only socially acceptable breakfast pie, roasted foods, and people don’t judge you when you say you are going to stay in on a Friday night and read, like they do in the summer. Fall is awesome and it begins officially on Sunday, but celebrate early.

Apples are a good way to celebrate. Old World Apples are back for their annual visit. Kiyokawa has apples, pears and generations worth of knowledge. Visit their booth and talk about their feature in 1859, Oregon’s History Magazine. And speaking of books, reading, low key weeknights and apples, if you haven’t read current Portlander and Pacific NW native, Amanda Coplin’s The Orchardist, you should. And thinking of pie, don’t be all monogamist with your ingredients – many apples create a tastier blend than just the Granny Smith’s.image

Another cool aspect in the changing of the seasons is the way summer fruit and veg blur into fall’s harvest: Everything is in season right now. Tomatoes, (Looking for more than salsa in sauce? Culinary instructors – Amelia Hard & Allison Bader will make tomato sorbet at Chef in the Market at PSU). This week growers brought lemongrass and ginger. Look for chilies, herbs, wild rice, squash, cukes, nuts, potatoes. And mushrooms. It’s all here.

REMINDER: There are over 40+ Farmers Markets in the metro area. PFM runs eight of those and they’re all a little different, including hours and season. The end of September means the end of the season at NW, Kenton, Pioneer Courthouse Square. Wednesday’s Shemanski runs through October, King through Thanksgiving and PSU until Christmas.

Thanks to the dedicated work of Farmers Market Fund and generous support of sponsors and donations, the SNAP match at King, Buckman, Kenton and NW will be $7 through the end the season.