27 September 2013

Mushroom Weather

DSC_0176When mushrooms emerge from the soil, the action is called ‘fruiting’. This, after the taste and flavor, could be my favorite thing about mushrooms.

Chanterelles, Shiitakes, matsutake, lobster, maitake, Chicken of the woods and maybe some truffles. Mushrooms have a natural affinity with roasted meats and braises like pot roast. True fact: happiness is often found in a bowl of noodles and mushrooms. My go to – linguine, cream, chanterelles and fresh herbs, but shiitakes with wide rice noodles, broccoli and soy sauce has been known to satisfy well beyond hunger. Temptress Truffles, Prairie Creek Farm, Kaleng, InTown Ag, Springwater, GroundWork and Nomadic Meal will be at our markets this weekend. Pasta Del Sol is at PSU on Saturday.

On Saturday, Scott Ketterman of Crown Paella Catering will be cooking at the final Chef in the Market of 2013. Scott will be found in the middle of the PSU market at 10 am – We’re all very hopeful he will cooking be his signature dish in one of those manically sized pans. I’ve never had paella with mushrooms but wild mushrooms are so very satisfying in paella’s Italian counterpart, risotto. DSC_0151

SNAP match is now $7 at the final Kenton market and all the King Markets – King goes until the Sunday before Thanksgiving.

Although summer ended rather abruptly; perhaps rudely, all the fruits and veg from warmer days are available at all our markets side by side with the squash, Brussels sprouts, potatoes and mushrooms that you expect to see when you don the wool; possibly fleece.