03 May 2013

Best Week Ever

Welcome to May. PFM has ordered up some good weather, opened markets at Shemanski and Buckman  – On Sunday, we roll out our 2013 King Market at 10am.

And, of course, PSU is running still running every Saturday. The word of the week: asparagus. Maryhill, Viridian Farms, Outback Farms, Winters and a few more. Everything goes well with asparagus. Eggs. Steak. Chicken (Fresh, never frozen from Natural Valley Poultry). Quinoa (Gee Creek). Butter. Bread. Tortillas (3 Sisters). Morels, oh yeah, morels (Temptress Truffles). It will be an asparagus and morel omelette with Pearl bakery toast.

Premiering this week at PSU.

Premiering this week at PSU.

Also this week at PSU, Nut-Tritious Foods, has a new flavor, Pistachio. Ken Condliff, proprietor and flavormaster at Nut-Tritious tells me pistachio is the most requested flavor and his new product is also his most nutritious.  It’s a blend including sunflower seeds and organic flax seed meal plus organic quinoa, hemp seed meal and chia seed meal. Stop by for a taste and talk to Ken about how he blends nutrition and flavor.

In the SW corner of the PSU Market, Nossa Familia Coffee and Via Chicago sit near each other, both have recently opened bricks and mortar establishments. Please read and visit.

Warning! Sunday – Couples, Gals Be Careful: King Market may be the single most fertile place on earth. Last year on King’s opening day, I had never ever seen so many pregnant women in the same place at the same time. Now, a year later, I’m predicting that I will never have seen so many one (and under) year olds in the same place at the same time. Fittingly, I will be at King to buy ingredients for a Strawberry-Rhubarb pie for my very, very pregnant friend. And even if the whole child-gestation thing is a bit of a mystery to me, I know you don’t say no to pregnant women, especially about pie. Also fittingly, King has an adjacent playground, wide stroller friendly lanes and a bunch of new parents to meet and befriend.

King is welcoming Tierra del Sol this weekend. Micro Mercantes, Micro Mercantes a social enterprise incubator is shepherding Tierra’s launch. Proprietress, Amalia Vasquez was featured on the Micro Mercantes website here.

Gardening, starts! Sun Gold has everything to transform your little patch of land into a wee eden by sundown Sunday. They even have plants that thrive in

DSC_0120containers. Sun Gold is at both PSU & King.

Our Current Market Lineup:

PSU, Saturday, 8:30-2 on the Park Blocks at Portland State.

King, Sunday, 10-2 NE 7th & Wygant.

Wednesday, Shemaski, 10-2 SW Park & Salmon.

Thursday, Buckman, SE 20th & Salmon.