04 March 2011

Community Supporting Agriculture

Farm Freshness

With the opening of the PSU market only two weeks away, we all have visions of bright flowers, farm fresh eggs and overflowing baskets of vegetables dancing in our heads. If you’ve got a case of spring fever too, now would be the perfect time to think about joining a CSA.

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) provides a way for consumers to create a direct connection with the farmers that grow and raise the food they eat. At the beginning of the growing season, individuals or groups may purchase a harvest share from a local farm, which helps to offset the farm’s operating costs. By making a financial commitment to a farm, share purchasers become “members” of the CSA. In return, they receive a share of fresh, seasonal produce from the farm throughout the growing season.

If you are interested in supporting local farmers and deepening your understanding of where your food comes from, consider purchasing a CSA share from one of our many vendors.  Please find details below.  (NOTE: Information is from the 2010 season and may be subject to change.)

Deck Family Farm Junction City, OR
Contact: 541.998.4697
Website: www.deckfamilyfarm.com

Share cost: $360 for two 25lb. boxes

Pick locations and days/times: Sundays King Farmers Market 10am-2pm, Saturdays PSU Farmers Market 8:30am-2pm

What is offered: 100% grass fed beef, no soy!  Pasture raised chicken, pasture raised eggs, pasture raised pork, and pasture raised spring lamb

Share amount: 50lbs.

Deep Roots Farm, Albany, OR
Contact: deeproot@peak.org; 541.917.8944
Website: www.deeprootsfarm.com
Share cost: medium share (small family) $270; large share (large family) $360

Pick-up locations and days/times: Members buy credit which is redeemable at any of their farmers’ market booths throughout the year. Pick-up would be at any of the following farmer’s market booths with a 10% discount for members: Portland Farmers Market, Hollywood Farmers Market, Beaverton Farmers Market, Hillsdale Farmers Market, and Moreland Farmers Market

What is offered:  contact farm

Share amount: see above

Garden Ripe, Silverton, OR
Contact: bill@gardenripe.com
Website: www.gardenripe.com
Share cost: $480 per share (17 weeks)

Pick-up locations and days/times: home delivery within delivery zone; contact farm for details. Delivery days to be determined.

What is offered: wide variety of vegetables, herbs and fruits; berries are from nearby farm

Share amount: about 25lbs/week – enough for a family of 4 that eats a lot of veggies; most split a share with a neighbor or friend

Gathering Together Farm, Philomath, OR
Contact::csa@gatheringtogetherfarm.com; 541.929.6007
Website: www.gatheringtogetherfarm.com
Share cost: $500 before April 1, $525 thereafter (22 weeks).  The season is June-October

Pick-up locations and days/times: Portland Farmers Market- Wednesday at Shemanski; Saturdays at PSU Farmers Market; Saturdays at Beaverton Farmers Market; Sundays at Hillsdale Farmers Market

What is offered: 40 types of fruits, vegetables and herbs; (salad mix extra: $100 for 2/3 lbs. of salad weekly; $50 for 2/3 lb. salad twice a month); option to add on local wines ($100 for five bottles)

Share amount: contact farm

Gee Creek Farm
Contact: csa@geecreekfarm.com; (360)887-0463
Website: www.geecreekfarm.com
Share cost for 22 weeks:full share- $500-$550, half-share-$250-$275

Pick-up locations: Tuesdays- Vancouver Food Co-op; Wednesdays-Portland Farmer’s Market at Shemanski Park, and People’s Co-op;
Saturdays-  Portland Farmer’s Market @ PSU, Beaverton, Lake Oswego, and St. John’s Farmers Markets’; Sundays-Hillsdale, Irvington, and King Farmers Markets’

What is offered: 6-12 items of your choice each week, including produce and/or mill products

Share amount: depending on share size can feed 1-2 adults

Groundwork Organics, Junction City, OR
Contact: groundworkorganics@gmail.com; 541.998.0900
Website: www.groundworkorganics.com
Share cost: $540 by April 1, $570 thereafter for Portland (25 weeks), enjoy 10% off at farmers markets too; see website for other cities

Pick-up locations and days/times: Fridays, 3-8pm (NE or SE Portland); also Eugene and Bend

What is offered: large selection of vegetables and fruits

Share amount: 3-4 people for a week

What is offered: organic vegetables, salad mix and herbs; pork, eggs, nuts, flowers, and grains; additional salad greens ($100) and berries ($75) offered

Grow Portland, Portland, OR
Contact:  nwheat@portcitydevelopment.org and tdonovan@portcitydevelopment.org
Website:  www.growinginalldirections.org
Share cost: $500 (17 weeks)

Pick-up locations and days/times: contact farm

What is offered: Vegetables, Berries, Herbs, Cut Flowers and Art work.  Eggs, additional artwork and goat fiber for extra cost

Share amount: contact farm

Little Gnome Farm
Contact: 971.409.4546
Website: www.littlegnomefarm.blogspot.com
Share cost: 25 weeks,  ½ share-$350; full share- $650
Optional: ½- 1doz. Eggs/week for an extra $50-$100

Pick-up locations and day/times:  delivery

What is offered: vegetables

Share amount: full recommended for large households and ½ share recommended for small households

Nature’s Fountain Farm
Contact: naturesfountainfarm@yahoo.com; 541.926.1652
Website: www.naturesfountainfarm.com
Share cost: $25/week

Pick-up locations and days/times: Saturdays PSU Farmers Market 8:30am-2pm; Sundays King Farmers Market 10am-2pm; Wednesdays Moreland Farmers Market 3:30pm-7:30pm

What is offered: fruits and vegetables

Share amount: variety of nine products for a small family of 2-3

Pine Mountain Ranch
Contact: 541.312.0185
Website: www.pmrbuffalo.com
Share cost: $50-$100/box (6.3 lbs.-14.5 lbs.)

Pick-up locations and days/times: Saturdays at PSU, Beaverton, St. Johns,  and Hollywood Farmers Markets’; Sundays at Hillsdale, Milwaukie, and King Farmers Markets’

What is offered: whole or half chickens, beef, buffalo, and yak

Rainyway Farm, Hillsboro, OR
Contact: rainywayfarm@gmail.com; 503.681.3056
Website: www.rainywayfarm.com
Share cost: $396 before April 1; $432 until May 1(18 weeks)

Pick-up: at the farm; Portland Farmer Market Saturdays; west Hillsboro (corner of 1st and Oak). Members save 10% at Portland Farmers Market booth!

What is offered: vegetables and fruits

Share amount: large weekly variety for family of four

Vicki’s Produce @ Sun Gold Farm, Forest Grove, OR
Contact: vicki@sungoldfarm.com; 503.357.3851
Website: www.sungoldfarm.com
Share cost: $400 (18 weeks June 14 – Oct 11)

Pick-up locations and days/times: NE Portland, various farmer’s markets, Intel and Nike campuses (employees only)

What is offered: vegetables, fruits, herbs and flowers, nuts and grains; in addition, members enjoy 10% off at all farmers markets

Share amount: contact farm

Winter Green Farm, Noti, OR
Contact: folks@wintergreenfarm.com; 541-935-1920
Website: www.wintergreenfarm.com
Share cost: $495 (19 weeks June – October); $190 (5 additional weeks mid October to Thanksgiving)

Pick up locations and days/times: Wednesdays: Moreland Farmers Market – SE Bybee/14th Ave., 4307 NE Brazee St. (near Sandy Blvd), 7109 SE 31st Ave., 3338 SE Caruthers St. (off Division Ave. & 34th Ave.); Saturdays: Hollywood Farmers Market, 44th & Hancock, PSU Farmers Market, SW Harrison & Montgomery; Sundays: King Farmers’ Market – NE 7th & Wygant between NE Alberta and Prescott Streets. Note: all late season deliveries at Saturday locations only!

What is offered:  vegetables, berries, herbs

Share amount: enough for 2 adults or a small family