11 March 2011

Goods and Goodies from New Vendors Debuting at Saturday PSU Market

The countdown of days until the opening of Portland Farmers Market at PSU is in the single digits now. My shopping list is long, especially considering these fantastic new vendors that will make their debut at the Saturday PSU Market. We’ll be writing profiles of many of these new vendors in the weeks to come. Here’s a snapshot of some of the new goods and goodies you’ll find come Saturday, March 19.

My advice? Bring an extra shopping bag and come hungry!


  • Cascadia Chestnuts – A certified organic orchard in NW Portland growing select French and Italian “marrone type” chestnut cultivars. This vendor will join the market in October when the first crops of chestnuts are harvested.
  • Food Waves/Converging Creeks Farm – The non-profit Food Waves has teamed up with Converging Creeks Farm in Colton, Oregon, to grow and produce vegetables, meats and eggs while providing an educational opportunity for new farmers to gain experience in operating a fully functioning vegetable/meat/egg farm.
  • La Terra Vita – An integrated, biodiverse, local family farm in Scio, Oregon, using organic and biodynamic methods to produce heirloom vegetables of exceptional flavor and beauty, as well as eggs, meat and dairy products. Farm management includes woodland and wetland restoration, pasture and hay making.
  • Lily’s Blooming Acres – A family farm in Forest Grove, Oregon, growing organic heirloom tomatoes, international peppers, beans, greens, squash and melons.

Prepared Food Vendors

  • Bingo Sandwiches – A collaboration between Picklopolis’ David Barber in Portland and Wag Egg’s Wes Coulter in Champoeg. Seasonal sandwiches, sides and Picklopolis pickles.  All sammies can have a Wag egg on top!
  • Lauretta Jean’s – A Portland-based pie bakery providing sweet and savory pies to enjoy.

Food Producers and Artisans

  • Cascade Naturals – A Portland-based business that provides quality natural products with the best interests of the earth, and Portland in mind. Products include sauerkraut, tempeh, and gomashio. This vendor will setup shop once a month at the market.
  • Choi’s Kimchi – A producer in Gresham making fresh and flavorful kimchi using locally grown ingredients from environmentally responsible farmers.
  • Divine Pi – A Portland-based company that makes sharing size pies using all raw, live, whole food ingredients. The pies are free of gluten, dairy, and refined sugars, and feature seasonal ingredients.
  • Heidi Ho Organics – A brand new vegan food company headquartered in Portland offering a range of vegan, plant-based cheese alternatives that are made from all natural, organic ingredients. The initial line of cheeses will include a soy-based Feta and Oregon hazelnut-based Chipotle Cheddar, Monterey Jack and Smoked Gouda.
  • Queen of Hearts Baking Company – A dedicated gluten-free artisan bakery producing small batches of handmade savory and sweet pastries from a Northeast Portland kitchen.