01 November 2015

Countdown to Thanksgiving

As wonderful as the holiday season can be, it almost always manages to catch us by surprise. “How can it already be November?” you ask yourself as Thanksgiving advertisements give way to Halloween and Christmas decor starts to make an appearance.

But there is one way to make this time of year more enjoyable: by avoiding the grocery store and shopping for your holiday meal ingredients at the farmers market. With eleven markets (PSU on Saturdays, King on Sunday and Shemanski on Wednesday) between now and Thanksgiving, you have plenty of time to plan your holiday meal and relax while doing it.

We are fortunate to live in an area of the country where all of the traditional meal ingredients are grown or raised locally. You can find turkey, chanterelle mushrooms, chestnuts, potatoes, squash, cranberries, potatoes, greens and cheese, among other things, all at our markets.

To help you, all month long we’ll be providing a guide of what’s available at market, from the main dish to the sides, to drinks, dessert, appetizers and decor. We’ll let you know who has what, when you should buy it and we’ll even provide recipes for our favorite dishes to inspire you to make this Thanksgiving meal a truly local one.

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Happy shopping!