05 February 2016

Game Day Market

Game on

Traditional Football Fare

It’s game day weekend. You know the game, the one whose name is legally protected and shall not be spoken, except by an authorized merchant. This weekend may be promoted as an occasion queso, guac, and other dip-tacular foods, we humbly suggest be a hero; possibly MVP and bring something fresh, local and nourishing to the party.

Although avocados will be conspicuously absent this (and every) weekend, there will be the good stuff all over the market. Persephone Farm joins us. Spring Hill and Spring Briar Farms will both be selling on Saturday – one could discern that Spring is in the air from this; despite the fact on Tuesday, the groundhog crawled back in his hole and pulled the covers up for a few more weeks.

Freddy Guys Hazelnuts, Nut-Tricious Foods, Pure Simple Juice and New Deal Distillery are at this Market, while Wandering Aengus, Blue Heron and Carman/Prairie Creek sit this one out.

Go Team!

Go Team!

Olympia Provisions, who knows first hand about litigious sports behemoths, has this classic take on summer sausage: it will bring a touch of local to the game. We have plenty of good stuff to bring to the party or plenty of good stuff to eat the rest of the week.

Be it puppy bowl or that other bowl, no not the bowl you served the guac in, the televised one, enjoy your weekend and come see us every week at Portland State.