25 September 2020

Five Reasons to Buy a Meal To-Go at Portland Farmers Market

There are currently 21 vendors selling prepared food at one (or more) of our five farmers markets. Six prepare and serve hot food year-round at PSU Farmers Market. Each and every food business has their own culinary story and culture to share. I encourage you to support these artisans by purchasing a meal to-go next time you are at the farmers market. If you’re already in the habit of doing this, thank you! If you still need that extra push out the door or want even more reason to support hot food vendors at the farmers market, read on:


1. Great Variety

Whether you’re craving a tasty snack, freshly prepared vegetables and grains or perfectly cooked meat, our hot food vendors have you covered! Each business at our market brings their own expertise and culinary experiences. There are many options to choose from that satisfy a wide range of palates and dietary needs. Browse menus to find dishes like African samosas, vegan Japanese comfort food, Polish sausage and perogies, Mexican tamales, plant-based ice cream, New Mexican breakfast burritos, locally roasted coffee and so much more.


2. Farm-Fresh Direct Sourcing

Our five markets showcase locally grown, raised, sourced and produced products. Vendors, including hot prepared food, purchase ingredients directly from our local farmers. In other words, the farmer receives 100% of the sale and a third party (distributor/store) is not involved in the purchase. Each vendor can tell you which farm they support and how they use local produce. You can find Eloisa Organic Farm’s vegetables in a Buenos Dias Breakfast at Verde Cocina, fresh mushrooms from Rick’s Wild Mushrooms are added to Via Chicago’s deep dish pizza, and local milk from Lady Lane farm transformed into seasonally flavored ice cream at Sinister Coffee and Creamery. These partnerships and more are found in each portion of food you purchase from our vendors.

Rangoon Bistro at King Farmer Market

3. Stimulate Your Local Economy & Support Emerging Small Businesses 

Most of our hot food vendors got their start at farmers markets and rely on direct-to-consumer sales as their only revenue. Supporting hot food vendors keeps money in the local economy and allows small businesses to raise capital while keeping their overhead costs low. Farmers markets are also an important opportunity to build skills and test and refine dishes. Delicious Burmese dishes at Rangoon Bistro, traditional Xian’r Bing from Great Tang and rice balls with seasonal fillings made by Money Bowl can only be found at your local farmers market.


4. Feed Two Birds With One Scone

Grocery shop and grab a meal to-go in one stop. The options to satisfy your cravings are endless: About to shop hangry or decaffeinated? Grab a baked good and coffee. Loaded up on seasonal fruits and veggies? Purchase a meal to-go for an easy lunch or dinner. Never shopped at a Portland Farmers Market? Visit year-round to see the bounty the PNW has to offer. Our small farms and local vendors bring quality products to the community to meet your grocery shopping and to-go food needs.

Find Verde Cocina at both PSU and Shemanski Park Farmers Markets (Photo from 2019)

5. Know the People Who Prepare Your Food

Those smiling faces under the tent have taken their time to source, prepare and assemble your next meal. There are no kitchen walls at the market, you have the opportunity to appreciate the folks cooking your hot meal while it’s happening. Learn their stories as you watch fresh crepes being made or steam spilling out as a tamale emerges. Regular trips to the farmers market is one of the best ways to connect with where your food comes from.


All of the prepared food found at Portland Farmers Markets have been tested and approved to be delicious! Do yourself a favor and grab a new dish to-go from one of our many hot food vendors. Shop outside, support local and help a small business grow.


Hot Food & Bakery Vendors at PSU Farmers Market:
*notes year-round vendor
C’est Si Bon! Crepes
Enchanted Sun Breakfast Burritos*
Great Tang
Money Bowl*
Nossa Familia Coffee
Obon Shokudo
Pine State Biscuits
Salvador Molly’s*
Sara’s Tamales
Sinister Coffee and Creamery
Spice of Africa*
Spunky Monkey Coffee*
Stellar Pop
Taste of Old Poland*
Verde Cocina*
Via Chicago
Fressen Bakery*
Gabriel’s Bakery*
Mio’s Delectable*
New Cascadia Bakery*
Orange and Blossom Patisserie
Small Baking
Twisted Croissant*

Hot Food Vendors & Bakery at Lents International Farmers Market:
Keeper Coffee Co.
Money Bowl
Tamales Poblanos

Hot Food Vendors & Bakery at King Farmers Market:
Cave Painter Coffee
Enchanted Sun Breakfast Burritos
Kate’s Ice Cream
Rangoon Bistro
Umi Organic
Small Baking

Hot Food Vendors & Bakery at Shemanski Park Farmers Market:
Salvador Molly’s
Verde Cocina
Sinful Confection
Twisted Croissant

Bakery Vendors at Kenton Farmers Market (Closed for the Season):
Orange and Blossom Patisserie