12 December 2019

Give a Gift from the Market

Gifts from our vendors are unique, delicious and a splendid way to support local farmers and food artisans. Visit the market to get some fresh air and groceries while finding the perfect surprises for all of your loved ones.

Here are some gift basket ideas containing local goodies you can find at the PSU Farmers Market, open every Saturday year-round. Use our suggestions or make your own!

For the person in your life who…

…needs a self-care day

Contents: Lavender bundle (Dancing Light Ranch, $5 each), CBD capsules (Whole Circle Farms, $20) Hero’s Blend Ashwagandha Tincture (Portland Ashwagandha Farm, $25), Lavender Red Rose Cacao-Nectar Bar (Honey Mama’s, $5), beeswax candle (Raynblest, $18), goat caramels (Fraga Farm, $10). Price of basket contents = $83


…loves cooking

Contents: cookbook (Portland Farmers Market, $15), Soft White Pastry Flour (Lonesome Whistle, $5), hot sauce (Groundwork Organics, $8), saffron (Cyrus Saffron, $14), wine (Tierra de Lobos, $35), tasting vinegar (Blossom Vinegars, $13). Price of basket contents = $90.

Tip: Add fresh, seasonal produce!


…enjoys a party*

*makes a great host/hostess gift!

Contents: Whiskey (Stone Barn Brandy Works, $25), apple cider (La Mancha Ranch and Orchard, $7), lemon (Groundwork Organics, $2.50), honey (Salmon Creek Farm and Apiary, $10). Price of basket contents = $45.


…enjoys a family night in

Contents: Pizza crusts (Pizza Crust Creations, $5 each), marinara sauce (Souper Natural, $7), popcorn (Lonesome Whistle, $8), Candied Scobys (Herbucha, $7). Price of basket contents = $32.

Note: Add Tierra de Lobos wine for a date night!


…is always down for a winter hike

Contents: Dry Roasted Hazelnuts (Freddy Guys Hazelnuts, $12), pepperoni sticks (Reister Farms, $20), dried cherries (Cherry Country, $14). Price of basket contents = $46


…always finds the best vegan goods

Contents: Dark “chocolate” and coconut experience (Cococao, $10), hummus and chips (Roundhouse Foods, $12), plant-based mylk (aMYLK, $6.50 for mini and $10 for 0.5L). Price of basket contents = $28.50


…loves doing crafts

Contents: Wool (SuDan Farm, $19.50), lavender essential oil (Dancing Light Ranch, $15), beeswax (Raynblest Farm, $22). Price of basket contents = $56.50