19 April 2013

Guilty of Arboring and Abetting Earth Day

We’re celebrating Trees and Arbor Day/Month this Saturday at PSU. We have the full run down on the activities on our blog – plenty of stuff for the family. Most noteworthy, or at least the most pleasingly puntacular is the TREEsure map provided by Portland’s wonderful but somehow Leslie Knopeless Parks & Rec treesureDepartment. The interactive map will help you locate both Doug Fir and non-Doug Fir trees around the city. Portland has designated 300 trees heritage trees – recognized for their unique size, age or historical or horticultural significance. City Commissioner Novick will proclaim Arbor Month and Portland will graciously accept the designation of Tree City USA! at 10 am at our music stage.

And it’s Earth Day, so we’re rolling out our 2013 edition of the PFM reusable tote. Our friends & supporters (also Market Sponsors), COUNTRY Financial provide not only the durable, washable bag, but they fund a contest that has rewarded $6,000 in scholarships to area High Schoolers in 3 years. Thank you for your commitment to our community. COUNTRY’s Tim Harris, who wouldn’t reveal a clue about this year’s winning design yesterday, will make the announcement from the music stage at 9:30.

Because I get spoiled, Wendy from Three Sisters Nixtamal gave me a sample of her Corn & Guajillo Chile tortillas. This morning, breakfast was A Dancing Chicken egg scrambled ever-so-lightly, then wrapped in a Three Sisters tortilla. Warming the tortilla made my kitchen smell of fresh masa (If you think bacon smells good, you should try this. Unlike bacon it made my kitchen smell fresh and somehow healthy.) The combination tasted heavenly and because the chile is built into the tortilla, I didn’t want or need salsa. Next time I am hungry, I’m making a run for my kitchen for a quesadilla. Now you can spoil yourself because, Three Sisters, named after the corn, bean, squash trinity, will be selling tortillas and freshly ground masa at Saturday’s PSU Market.

Blossom Vinegars are hosting a Pop-Up Happy Hour information for next Monday, April 22. This is their 3rd event at the Crowne Plaza. See this : 4 happy hour-april poster for more info. Blossom makes wonderful drinking vinegars. Drinking Vinegars sound strange and a bit medicinal, but they aren’t all that very different from cocktail bitters or my favorite, Campari. Drinking vinegars are very European, sophisticated, cultured and elegant. (This is completely different than being Euro – either the troubled currency or the tendency to believe that one can rock the two sizes too small tee shirt or that the practical nature or socks and sandals offsets how they look.) Stop by Connie’s booth at PSU 8:30-2 for a sample or join her Monday for cocktails.

Our King and Shemanski Markets are just around the corner in May.