03 August 2012

Happy Breadiversary

Celebrate a Breadiversary  with us. A first year milestone is signified with gifts of paper, fifth is wood, seventh is bread*. Dave’s Killer Bread is celebrating where it all started at PFM:  7 years ago they came to the market with four different loaves, now they’re up to 16 different varieties and DKB is available throughout the Pacific NW and they moved from vendor to Market Sponsor. In honor of the occasion, Dave’s Killer Bread is holding a sandwich competition, where local chefs will gather ingredients from the market, assemble and then be judged by a panel including FOM (Friend of the Market), Drew Carney and by one of the least judgmental people we know, PFM’s Trudy Toliver. More details here. We’ll have pictures on Facebook next week and possibly descriptions of the sandwiches in real time on Twitter. Congrats to Dave and Shobi on their accomplishment.

And since it’s all about the sandwich, it seems a good time to mention there will be no Pine State Biscuits this week. None, not for love or money, not for all your hopes, wishes and desires. It’s the Pickathon and Pine State is hauling their mobile Biscuit facility to the happiest place on earth, Happy Valley. They return next week, the 11th, after they have fed both bluegrass lovers and the men and women who love bluegrass lovers.

Greenwillow Grains is introducing cold-pressed flax oil this weekend to PSU goers. With its mild, nutty flavor, flax oil is a good substitute for “Vegetable Oil” in baking. Granted she isn’t overly judgemental, but the aforementioned Trudy, our director, loves adding it to salad dressings. Flax also helps those who worry about keeping

Flax Jacket

their Omega 3s & 6s in balance. Greenwillow’s Flax Oil is both grown and pressed in the valley (not the valley of happiness of but the greater Willamette Valley), making their flax oil uber-local;  helping both farms and farming communities in Oregon.


It’s going to be a scorcher this weekend and so here are a few ideas to beat the heat: Kenton and PSU have shade, King and Pioneer Square will be open before the heat becomes unbearable and all will all have ingredients for lighter summer fare – salad, berries, etc. All offer food – already prepared so you don’t have to turn the stove on.

Weekend Plan: Kenton for  tacos, salsa, stop for a beer at Kenton Station, pick up tequila at Kenton Liquors, arrive to a cooled off home on Friday. Saturday, at PSU: load up on fruit for blended margaritas, sure they’re hokey but they’re also good and more importantly in triple digit heat, ice cold. King, go early, grab coffee, possibly breakfast burrito to help abate too many margaritas (careful they’re ice cold on a hot day), get stuff to grill, Winters corn, or just get fruit for a healthy, replenishing smoothie.

Drink your water and don’t be above going to see a movie that you would never, ever otherwise see – my friend Cathy and I once sat through a 2 ½ hour thing with Matthew McConaughey that we both ended up rating A for Air Conditioning.  Who needs four star entertainment when you have climate controlled air?

*7th anniversaries are not actually signified by bread. Conventionally, it’s wool. Bread is a better idea, wool doesn’t taste good, that and it’s in the high 90s this week who wants to bake?