23 November 2016

How to Give the Gift of Local Food This Holiday Season

farmersmarketfundlogo-smallerMany families feel the joy of the giving season around a table loaded with delicious seasonal foods. We wish that was true for everyone. It’s not news that our low income neighbors are the most vulnerable to government decisions. Recent votes against public funding and for certain candidates make us even more concerned. While we can’t change those outcomes, we can support the nonprofits that constantly keep the needs of vulnerable members of our communities in mind. Farmers Market Fund, our partner non-profit, is one of those groups, they help people find good food and the comfort it brings.

Farmers Market Fund believes communities thrive when children, seniors and low income Oregonians have access to fresh healthy food. Their newest program, Double Up Food Bucks, is Oregon’s first statewide program that incentivizes low income families to shop at local farmers markets where their purchases support small family farms and boost Oregon’s economy.

“The first time I used Double Up Food Bucks I felt a sense of freedom to buy healthy fruits and vegetables that I haven’t felt in a long time. I also really value being able to support local farmers.” – Farmers Market Shopper

Double Up increases the buying power of low income families by doubling the Federal Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) dollars they can spend on fruits and vegetables at 50 participating farmers markets.

Oregon is ranked eighth highest in the nation for people suffering from hunger; meaning many families are forced to skip meals or choose cheaper, less nutritious food. Double Up gives people the opportunity to choose the healthy food that brings them joy. In a 2016 shopper survey, 92 percent of participants said they purchased more fruits and vegetables because of Double Up.  

We are heartened by the success of this program. Hundreds of shoppers commented in our surveys about how grateful they felt being able to select fresh food from local growers.

Please join us in spreading some of that joy. Help others access the quality of food that you and I take for granted. Farmers Market Fund asks for your help. Your donation of $50 provides nutritious fruits and vegetables for five families in a week. Your gift then flows on to an Oregon family farmer who then stimulates our economy and builds stronger farmers markets.

Please contribute today via their secure link.