10 December 2016

PSU Market Open Dec 10

The city and metro area may have frozen for a few days but our vendors’ work never does. There is always something to be harvested from the field or tree, and for our other vendors, their businesses don’t stop just because of some snow and ice.

Portland Farmers Market exists to contribute to the success of local businesses and in the wintertime when temperatures drop and the weather becomes less than desirable, our vendors still need to find ways to sell their product. That’s why we are committed to being open as planned every week, unless conditions become too dangerous. In the spirit of the holidays and supporting our vendors, our PSU Market will be open as usual this Saturday, Dec. 10 from 9 am to 2 pm.

We encourage you to bundle up, grab your reusable tote and travel coffee mug and head down to the market for your weekly groceries – our staff and vendors are waiting to greet you!

For a list of vendors you can expect each week at our PSU Market, visit the market page here. Please note this list is subject to change, as many of our vendors do travel from outside of the metro area and often times travel conditions are not safe. Please visit our market information booth if you are looking for a specific vendor!