12 July 2013

Lowdown on the Showdown

At 11:30 on Monday, a few of the best and brightest culinary minds in Portland are going to shop the Pioneer Square Market, cook on a stage and then they; possibly their efforts will be judged. Our friends at Country Financial are staging the third iteration of Portland’s Chef Challenge. On the talent side:

  • Jobie Bailey is the executive chef at DOC where he uses seasonal ingredients from local area farms to craft weekly menus with Pacific Northwest flavors.
  • Jake Martin is the executive chef at Genoa, a historic part of the Portland dining scene. He specializes in a refined Modernist Italian style of cooking.
  • Kelly Myers, executive chef of Xico, is a restaurant veteran and former instructor at the Art Institute of Portland. She puts her own spin on classic regional Mexican dishes.

Judging, yet being judged not, are Kathleen Bauer is the author of the blog GoodStuffNW, Feast Co-Founder Carrie Welch and Friend of the Market (FOM), Katherine Miller, editor of the “The Oregonian Cookbook” and The Oregonian’s Foodday.

There will be reusable totes, $100 Gift Certificates to the Xico, DOC and Genoa. K-Mill will have copies of her cookbook and the event will be hosted by the witty polymath, Allison Jones of Portland Magazine. Come join us, downtown on the 15th, great way to spend lunch.DSC_0258

Tomatoes, yup. As failing and deceitful as memory can be, I can’t recollect a better spring and summer in years. Everything is ready early this season: Cherries, berries, apricots, peaches and if that wasn’t awesome enough, tomatoes are here now; life is awesome, I’m reveling in it.

And speaking of revels,* Portland Revels will be welcoming summertime with 5 hours of music and stories from 9-2, Saturday at PSU. You can read about the planned activities from the Revels on our blog; jump here.

Kenton, the little market of the north runs Friday, 3-7. Vancouverites, you don’t need to sit in I-5 traffic with everyone else on Friday nights, get out of the congestion for relaxation, stay for the fruit and veg. Portlanders, bike or yellow line up to the Market. Find Paul Bunyan and you’ve found us.


Judging and Cooking, Two of my favorite things.
Both at Monday’s Chef Challenge

King Market on Sunday 10-2. NE 7th & Wygant. It’s coffee and brunch without the lines and ingredients for dinner.

Thursday’s Compass Markets, NW/SE, bring all the local, seasonal goodness to Portland’s neighborhoods. Momo cart, one of the new hot food offerings at our SE Buckman Market (SE 20th & Salmon) is working with Pine Mountain Ranch to create a Yak dumpling.

Tomatoes, solstice, weather, summer is upon us, celebrate with local foods.

*Horrible segue, apologies.