10 July 2013

Revels SummerFaire

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“Revels SummerFaire”
A multicultural celebration of the
Summer Solstice

When: Saturday, July 13th, 2013 from 9:00AM to 2:00PM

Where: PSU Farmers Market

Admission: Free

By Deborah Garman, Executive Director, Portland Revels

Portland Revels’ new free public event in honor of the Summer season will bookend our successful Christmas Revels performances honoring the Winter Solstice now in their 19th year in Portland. We’ll be at the PSU Farmers Market from 9am to 2pm on Saturday, July 13th.

Indonesian Performing Arts of OregonOur mission is to celebrate the seasons in community with traditions and the performing arts, so we’ve  invited some wonderful performers to grace our main stage, and we’ll have smaller acts “on the green,” as well as cultural groups, storytelling, and kids activities on the block next to – and in – the lively public venue of the PSU Farmer’s Market.

Since many of the seasonal folk arts traditions that Revels preserves and showcases arose in the context of the agricultural cycle of planting and harvesting and small village life, basing this new celebration in the Farmers Market seems very appropriate. Learn all about the event below:

Emcee Ithica Tell, along with Revels Fool Burl Ross and the Revels RiffRaff Players will host the day.

Main Stage guest performers will present cultural repertoire from around the world including: Prajwal Ratna Vajracharya, Welsh Festival Chorus, Unistus Chamber Choir (Estonian Choral Music), Post 5, Portland Peace Choir, Renegade Rose Dancers, Phillip Hickenbothom, Hui O Hoaloha Hula,  Bridgetown Morris Men, ViVoce Singers, Collin Styring, Seth and Angela Truby, Northwest Conservatory of Dance, Elizabeth Wisler, Natalia Hougen (Russian folk songs), Bollywood Movez, , and more. 

In addition, members of the Portland Storytellers Guild will offer stories of the summer season from around the world.

SummerFaire Wicker Sun with girlHands-on fun workshops about natural seasons, arts and folk traditions to engage and educate for children and families. Face painting and hands on crafts to celebrate summer for children.

Performance Schedule  (Schedule is Subject to Change)

9AM – Master Musician Phillip Hickenbothom (on the Green)

9:05   Morning Processional through the Market

9:15 Portland Peace Choir (Mainstage)

9:30  Burl Ross, Revels Fool (on the Green)

9:35   Hui O Hualoha Hula on the Green – Hawaiian Hula (on the Green)

9:50 Three Pound Notes – English Folk Tunes  (Mainstage)

10:10 Prajwal Ratna Vajracharya – Nepalese Dance (on the Green)

10:25 Oregon Welsh Festival Chorus (Mainstage)

10:40 Burl Ross, Revels Fool (on the Green)

10:50 Collin Styring  (Mainstage)

11:05 Bollywood Movez (on the Green)

11:10 What’s Revels?

11:15 Northwest Conservatory of Dance (Mainstage)

11:30 Burl Ross, Revels Fool (on the Green)

11:45 Bollywood Movez (on the Green)

11:50 Elizabeth Wisler  – World Accordion (Mainstage)

12:10 Dance Leo (Sonoko Kakizaki) (on the Green)

12:25 Angela, Seth and Jeff (Mainstage)

12:35 Post 5 Theater – Romeo & Juliet  Abridged! (on the Green)

12:50 Natalia Hougen – Russian Folk Music (Mainstage)

1:05 Portland Revels Founder Dick Lewis with a Poem tribute to Summer (on the Green)

1:30 Renegade Rose and Bridgetown Morris Dancers (on the Green)

1:30  Final SummerFaire Market Final Procession

1:35 Revels ViVoce Singers (Mainstage)

1:50  Revels Riffraff Players present the Battle of the Oak and the Holly (on the Green)

2:00 End

Renegade Rose