27 May 2010

Market Report – Holiday Weekend Edition

If you are heading  to your SE Home after work tonight, stop by the Buckman Market at 20th & Salmon. Experts caution never to shop on an empty stomach, so grab tonight’s dinner from Star Anise – For $5 you can munch on JJ’s Noodles w/ginger-sesame sauce or Beans, Greens, and Barley Stew; this vegan treat combines great northern beans, collard greens, onion and

The Cherry Orchard by Anton...oops by Rick Steffen

spices. When you are full for tonight you can shop for your market fresh veg like Gathering Together’s sugar snap peas, practically sweet enough for dessert. If you are really thinking ahead – load up on starts from Blue Heron – they have the all too rare epazote or a blueberry bush from Dancing Light.

At Saturday’s PSU Market, there are peonies. The only flowering plant of the Paeoniaceae family, like many of us they are not from the pacific NW, but  thrive out here. Although the flower’s genetic home is in Asia, the name is classically Greek – Zeus, yes that Zeus, saved Paeon, from the wrath of his teacher by turning him into a flower. Thanks Zeus, every young man aspires to be a flowery, flower. Or thanks Zeus, it is a lovely flower. (It is).

Also at PSU this weekend we have The Creek Farms – Gee & Dee (no relation) fresh milled flours and cheeses, respectively. Berries and asparagus, Cherry Country will be here, a little early for the fresh stuff, but they have cherry products to hold you over. If you Sexton Ranch, Chop Charcuterie, Sweet Briar and Pine Mountain are all around if you are feeling the need for meat. (Or if you have time today stop by Buckman, the Reister’s lamb & feta sausage has all the cool kids talking). Twist, Wandering Angus and Upright Brewery all offer drinks to possibly better enjoy for the 3 day weekend.

Our King of Markets should once again get some sun. They have  Pine Mountain and Twist for the wine and dine category. Petunia’s for some desserts, Vicki’s for the gardeners a playground for the kids and Spunky Monkey for people who ease into their Sunday with caffeine. NE 7th and Wygant 10-2

Not this week but next: Buckman will have nice weather. Our new, shiny, shiny new NW 23rd Market opens – Kids Cook June 12th – $5 at Saturday’s PSU Market –  open to all ages, our first class is ½ full; Info and registration form here http://bit.ly/kidscook-pfm and worth mentioning again the Buckman Market will have nice weather – or we begin construction on the ark.