20 May 2010

Market Report

Coffee to Go

Katherine Deumling doesn’t believe so much in running to the grocery store for a missing ingredient, she likes to create with what she has on hand – she is like a human iphone app that way. Stop by the Fresh Exchange Booth at today’s Buckman Market and learn how Katherine makes Greens Pesto; Carrot and Chickpea Salad with cumin and lemon; and more. If you can’t make Buckman today, Katherine teaches cooking classes, On Saturday, May 22, 3-6 pm she will teach the fine art of Hearty Salads and One-dish Meals with Grains, Beans, and Veggies . Learn more by visiting Katherine’s web site.

Also happening at Buckman today, wild outbreaks of sunshine and Trailhead coffee roasters with small cups of espresso at the $1 and $2.  And take a 12oz. bags o’ beans for $10.

Saturday, as of this moment, should be cool and dry – although the weather has been changing dramatically with little to no notice – this weekend might be the last chance to wear the clothes you call gear for many months. Zip and Velcro yourself into your warm dry things and visit the PSU Market for pea shoots – for early shoppers, Rick Steffen has limited amounts of shelling peas. Strawberries will be in – Unger Farms is making its first visit of the ought 10 season with berries, berries and surprisingly, more berries. Simon Sampson of Columbia River Fish, warns us there are only 2 weeks for wild, spring Chinook.

If you think Saturday night’s weather is conducive to staying in with a book or movie, Upright Brewery returns to the market with their handcrafted beers or you can stop by Twist Wine and taste their Chenin Blanc. Twist’s Chenin Carlton (no relation) promises is great for “summer barbecues, parties and general fun. Ours is a very versatile crisp, dry wine that pairs with lots and lots of different foods & moods” – a case goes for $100 which is just $8.33 a bottle.

Twist can also be found Sunday’s at the King Market on 7th & Wygant between Prescott and Alberta every Sunday between 10-2. The King of Markets is also where you can find Petunia’s, even though they will be returning to PSU for the next 2 weeks. T minus two weeks for our new NW Market to open and we are a month away from Monday’s new Pioneer Courthouse Square Market.

Enjoy the weather while it lasts, you know you don’t like it when it is too hot either. Bundle up and we will see you at one of our 3 Markets this week. Follow us on Twitter for up to the minute info.