10 June 2010

Market Report – Corrections Edition

The Real Barefoot Chicken

There were  a few small but notable mistakes in the recent Market Report. First of all, it is still raining despite assurances there would be no more precipitation rain in June – I thought the skies would wear themselves out by now, not really scientific; worse, not all that accurate, my bad. My second mistake: Confusing Barefoot Chicken with Dancing Chicken. Dancing Chicken sells eggs at Wednesday’s Shemanski Market. Barefoot Chicken is our new vendor at the NW 23rd Market. It is the creation of Culinary Institute of America trained chefs who serve Taiwanese inspired street food on Thursdays on 23rd. Again, my total bad – Check in at our blog in the near future for a feature on Barefoot Chicken and their dedication to locally sourced products.

Thursday is the biggest day of the food year – 2 Markets and Country Natural Beef’s Cookout is downtown at Director Park on 9th & Yamhill. Between 5-9, goers can get strawberry Shortcake, Beef Ribs and watch the hard to pluralize lassosers work their rope magic.  Up on 23rd & Savier at our NW 23rd Market – Chernishoff Berries, Adelman Peonies, Fairview Farm Goat Cheese, Springwater farm has some morels – a mushroom that shouldn’t be eaten raw, Greenville Farm is there with Hazelnuts, Nut-tricious Foods roll in from across the Columbia with their Nut Butters – Plenty of Parking behind McMennamin’s across the street.

Across the river at our Buckman Market, Liepold returns, Unger has albions! An ever-bearing strawberry bred at UC-Davis (Go Aggies!). Albions are smaller, sweeter and redder inside and out, they are a favorite of growers for its consistent season long output. Hot Trailhead coffee. Tonight’s Preserving Series on Soups, Stocks and Stews is sold out but the Market has plenty of items to make into soups, stocks and stews. Or the Barley, beans and Greens stew from Star Anise is available. Believe it or not the sun is supposed to shine this weekend, if you want to grill everyone swears by the deliciousness of Reister sausages.

This Saturday at PSU – Cherries, that’s right cherries from Gala Springs, Thompson Farms returns, Liepold will be attending Saturday’s Market too. With the weather playing havoc in the field there is a constant juggling of growers and crops – check Facebook or Twitter for up to the moment updates – although the NY Times discourages reporters from using the term, there will be tweeting.

Sunday the sun is suppose to hold and the neighborly stroll or bike ride over to NE 7th and Wygant for coffee, tamales and locally grown food is a great way to start a weekend morning. Plus there is no parade and parade enthusiasts on Sunday.