17 June 2010

Weekly Market Report – Desperate for Sunshine Edition

Brightlights, Ann Forsthoefel

The 3rd Sunday of June means Fathers Day. Golf balls and flat screen teevees are clichés on commercials – no way, not your dad, he is more of the slow food and gardening type of dad. PSU and King Markets offer a chance to indulge your dad in his hobbies. Spend some quality local time with your pop: Berries, breakfast, lunch, buy some food and cook him some dinner. PSU happens Saturday, between 8:30 – 2; King Market in NE Portland goes between 10 -2 on Sunday. Look for FB and Twitter updates on Saturday and some livetweeting from the Market on Sunday.

Feel like your pretty close to following Cormac McCarthy’s lead – finding an empty shopping cart and pushing it South until they you locate sunshine? (The Road isn’t a great Father’s Day book, it is a little downtrodden; try 52 Loaves from Friend of the Market, Wm. Alexander). Right after grumpy dispositions and ashen complexions; Thursdays are taking the brunt of the cold and damp. Sun/shumn – there are good people and it will be dry today for both the Buckman & NW 23rd Markets. Celebrate with berries – strawberries, golden raspberries, red, red raspberries at both our Thursday Markets. At Buckman Denison has the cruelly named cultivar – sungold tomatoes, there is pretzel bread from Fressen and 2 Forks has Asian Basil. Our NW 23rd Market (23rd & Savier) has zukes, cherries and a coconut cookie from 2 Tarts. Both Markets go weekly from 3-7.

Monday June, 21st is the opening of our 6th and final Market of the year – Downtown Pioneer Courthouse Square, located, well -downtown in Pioneer Courthouse Square. Every Monday between now and the end of October, between the hours of 10-2, there will dozens of your favorite and soon to be favorite vendors offering fresh local foods, produce and flowers. For opening day, there will be some livetweeting from me, If you are there, send your friends a tweet or Facebook update from the Market and one lucky person will win a tote bag.

Urban Sketchcrawl will be at King Market on Sunday. Aren’t sure what an Urban Sketchcrawl is/are/does? Check out this post from earlier today. Speaking of our blog, our readship is growing and we need your help. Like Facebook and Twitter, the internets are a medium that work best with participation. Have an idea about food, gardening, community, local agriculture and can express it in 500 or so words, email me: dave@portlandfarmersmarket.org and we will see if we can share your idea, picture or recipe with the Market community.