15 July 2010

Market Report-International Edition

Tokyo Farmers Market Delegation

Visitors from Tokyo Farmers Market toured our Shemanski Market yesterday and met with PFM Executive Director Ann Forsthoefel. The small delegation stopped by to gather ideas on how to improve their organization – now a year old and it is already drawing 10,000 people each Market day.

PFM is recognized as one of the best Farmers Market in the world, and while media recognition is great, events like yesterday’s visit or the phone calls and emails the office receives from other Farmers Markets asking for guidance and advice help us realize how influential PFM is in aiding and inspiring healthy Farmers Markets. Thank you Portland and Market-goers for helping your Market become a blueprint for success across the country and now world. And to our new friends from Japan, we look forward to visiting your Market.

As we mentioned, Thursday’s Markets are going to experience some sweet Goldilocks Weather – not too hot and not too cold. The weather seems to hate Thursdays a whole lot this year, so enjoy what will be a run of good Thursdays until the end of the season. At the Buckman Market, Star Anise is featuring a new summer menu: Cool Sesame-Peanut Noodles, locally made wheat noodles tossed with tahini-peanut-ginger-soy sauce and topped with sliced cucumbers. A new vegan wrap: Split Pea and Organic mustard seed spread with Arugula and some other local goodies.

Rachel Reister shared a recipe with us (posted to below on this very blog) – this recipe coincides with a sale on lamb shanks = $5.99 a pound. Rachel also mentioned their popular sausages are sold out, expect more next week. Finally at Buckies – you can put together a picnic basket Ranger Smith would guard with his life – fill your own personal basket with goat cheese, bread, cherries and other goodies at Buckman today between 3-7.

Across the river at our NW 23rd Ave. Market – Nut-ricious will be visiting with their nutty blends. And 23rd & Savier is the epicenter of this year’s peaches and nectarines. Enjoy them in crepes (possibly with Nutricious’ local Nutella blend) or grilled, possibly sautéed in butter, served with cherries or blackberries and a sauce of 2/3 Whip Cream and 1/3 Sour Cream (Sauce Romanoff). Baked with an almond crumble or old school enjoyed out of hand but bring a bib, cause they are juicy.

Stayed tune to Facebook and Twitter for up to the moment news about our PSU, King and Pioneer Courthouse Square Markets. Pine State Biscuits who skipped last week’s PSU Market to open their new Alberta St. shop will be back in force this Saturday. Like Pine State a big hearty congratulations to our friends at Ruby Jewel who will be opening their first store on Mississippi this very evening and despite the Goldilocks nature of the weather – the temperature is just right for ice cream.