22 July 2010

Market Report – Peachtopia Edition

Peaches at all Markets (more below).

The 2 Thursday Markets are experiencing their second nice week of weather in a row. On the Westside Olympic Provisions will be on hand – I had their Navarre Chorizo sweated with green beans and garlic served over roasted potatoes (thanks Groundworks). The chorizo would have been equally as sweet with mussels, ale and bread. All I can say is I am a fan and so can you.

For Eastsiders at Thursday’s Buckman Market Trailhead is giving away coffee. Not figuratively giving it away at bargain prices, they are truly giving it away. Enjoy coffee, check out Trailhead’s killer custom wood paneled, pedal powered coffee shop and don’t be afraid to tip. We will be on hand to do some livetweeting and capture some footage of Katherine Deumling’s demo for an upcoming video. Between 5-6:30 she will be cooking quick dinners and picnic foods: Sampling panzanella and zucchini fritters (Mmmmm fritters).

Savoy; King of the Cabbage

Saturday at our Portland State University Market will be nice and cool under the canopy of trees. On a day that is supposed to reach the mid 90s, Sol Pops and Ruby Jewel will be on hand with some relief. The charming Allison Jones is Chefing it up with Michael Uhnak of Besaws at 10am. French Prairie will be missing Saturday and Mayhill is skipping but Petunia’s will pick up the slack. Pie Cherries are available from both Cherry Country and Tamisayu (Mmmm Pie) and who doesn’t love lavender, especially from Lavender Haven. Check Facebook Saturday morning for up to the moment news.

Sunday’s King Market on NE 7th and Wygant runs from 10-2. Go early and something to grill in Sunday’s sun. And pick up some berries or peaches for ice cream or maybe just to eat.

Monday’s Pioneer Courthouse Square Market will be livetweeted. Last week we broke the news about the presence of Early Girl tomatoes on the twitter, along with tales of berries and the dwindling seasonal cherries. This week who knows what excitement will happen – Be the first to know or just plan your lunchtime shopping better by following us on twitter/portlandfarmers.

Also on Monday Peachfest begins: Russ Parsons, author of How to Pick a Peach, plays 5 Questions on PFM’s blog (Spoiler Alert – he explains how to pick a peach). And peach-wise, the Twitter and Facebook will be co-hosting a contest where the lucky person who can best answer what they would do with a flat of Baird Orchard Peaches – will win a flat of Baird Orchard Peaches. Think hard, I have dibs on the answer involving sautéing them with butter, brown sugar and cardamom before topping with chilled mascarpone & vanilla salt.