13 May 2010

Market Report

The 4 nicest days of the year will be fall on our weekend: Buckman, PSU and King Markets all give Market enthusiasts a chance to simultaneously get some sun and wear sunscreen. Plus get some stuff to grill or just eat light, fresh and local.

Thursday’s Buckman Market has food for a hot day. If you don’t feel like cooking, Star Anise’s garlic, ginger, pork noodles are delicious. If you believe today begs for a cookout, early reports tell us Reister’s lamb, feta and mint sausage is “Soooooo good” and “…awesome”. For those of a vegetable state of mind, you can help 2 Forks repeat last week’s sell out of their farm fresh produce. If you want to spend as much time in your garden as possible this weekend, Blue Heron and Hansen Family Farms has starts to help you look like you have a green thumb. Rogue Creamery and their award winning cheese begin their Buckman season today.

You can learn how to Preserve the Market. The 5 part canning classes taught by Cara Haskey begins tonight at the Buckman Market. $5 off today – special for today’s pickling class only, drop-in’s welcome, location and info here – pfmpickle.

Over the weekend, King Market is the perfect market for a Sunday. Playground, bike racks and breakfast tamales to go with the sunshine. May is still bike month at Saturday’s PSU Market, ride in Saturday and take home Outback Asparagus, Oregon grown Olive Oil from Victory Estates will be available Saturday. Dancing Moon Farms will be selling biodynamic plants. Your urge to grill will be strong Saturday – Sexton Ranches will be driving in from near the Idaho Border, bringing their free-range beef and lamb. If you want the BBQ taste without standing over the coals, NW Heritage Pork will be roasting a suckling pig and word at the Market is it will be ready near noon.

Be it PSU, Buckman or King, wherever you go there will be asparagus and strawberries. Get out get, get some sun and get some locally grown and prepared foods.