18 November 2011

Parsley, Sage, Rosemary & Turkey

There are two Markets remaining before Thanksgiving – Saturday’s PSU Market between 9-2 and Tuesday’s Buckman Reunion Market on SE 20th & Salmon that runs between 1-5.

Both Markets are full of Thanksgiving goodness. We’ll post more on the reunion Market early next week, but this Saturday at PSU…

Cranberries from Vincent and Eagle Organics. Wild Rice at Freddy Guys, Cascadia Chestnuts has, wait for it, chestnuts. Chenin from Twist is recommending her Shy Chenin Syrah Rose to pair with turkey. Wandering Angus has cider, it’s like appley prosecco and  a great way to start the meal or sip with dessert.

Saturday, Pine Mt. has 2/3rds of a turduken for your meal – heritage Turkeys and Muscovy Ducks available – arrive early for best selection.

It’s Lisa Jacobs’ (Jacobs Creamery) birthday this week. Celebrate with some of her new aged cheeses (that’s new as in a new product and aged like cheddar and Jarlsburg; not new-agey as in woo-woo) or load up on eggs, butter worthy of holiday mashed potatoes or pick some of her fromage blanc with cranberries.

Herbs, bread, sausage, onions, potatoes, root vegetables, Springwater has wild mushrooms. Kiyokawa has apples and pears. Chop has pate, and if not Jacobs, there will be dozens of cheeses to choose from.

Lady Lane Farm will have fresh cream…

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8fGTYA-VyXo]

And speaking of pumpkin pie, I know this is antithetical to both Duct Tape/DIY ethos of Portland and to the fresh/local ascetic of our Markets, but I like my pumpkin out of a can. For holiday pie I could either go to New Seasons and plunk down a buck-fifty on a can of organic pumpkin or for 7 times the expense and 1,000 times the effort of opening a can, I could buy, transport, wash, roast, scrape, compost, food mill, and then and only then can I start to bake a pie – a pie that will ultimately be a little stringier than I want. However, if you disagree or just want to channel your inner Martha Stewart, there’ll be plenty of sugar pumpkins for pie and plenty of squashes – a vegetable that is mighty helpful in feeding your vegetarian/vegan guests.

If pumpkin from a can is too much; sweets from Lauretta Jean’s, Suzanne’s Chocolaterie, Two Tarts Bakery or Divine Pie are real good and will save oven space next Thursday.

Dave’s Killer Bread is bringing a toaster to toast Dave’s new Killer Bagels called Good Seed Halos. This week they will top the halos with Organic Valley Cream Cheese.

Dress warm, wear waterproof shoes and shop local. See you at 9.