17 August 2012

Potatoes & Peaches

On Saturday, the PSU Market is moving one block south for one week only. The occasion? You’d think it was because the shade was better, but alas, we are moving a block closer to California to accomodate the newly minted PSU graduates – Congratulations on your accomplishment and warning to Market goers wondering why there is no line this week at Pine State, or why there is no Pine State, just head down south a block.

Kenton is today. Kenton has shade. Kenton Market shares a corner with Kenton Station and they have cold, cold beer. It’s cold and it’s beer and it’s Friday. Kenton Market has tacos, salsas, fresh fruit and FOOD WAVES. Kenton is every Friday between 3-7 at N. Denver and McClellan. It’s the Kenton Max Stop, there are bike lanes, it’s not northbound I-5 on a Friday afternoon (hop off on the Lombard exit, right on Denver and drive until you hit the Market, which you could, because it’s literally on Denver, but park before then, shop, enjoy the Kenton neighborhood, wait for the traffic to clear up and the heat to drop before heading home.

La Terra Spuda

They Do Rock. It’s just a coincidence they
look like an intricate rock sculpture.

La Terra Vita, it means the good earth. Grower Art Poulos is no liar – Everything I get from La Terra is delicious, priced great (especially considering the quality) and each purchase supports a family farm. All good reasons to buy and then there are the potatoes. I believe I claimed ‘they rock” in a tweet, even with more than 140 characters, I’m not sure I’m going to do any better. The potatoes are just so very good. Stop by PSU (or NW on Thursday) and talk to Art about the varieties he sells. Or visit the farm virtually by reading this post from Friend of the Market, Elizabeth Miller.

Also at PSU, Goldin Artisan Cheese will be at PSU every other week beginning this Saturday. The Markets rockin’ Anna tells me, “Cherry tomatoes & melons from Gardenripe are AH-mazing. Also corn from GTF – it was supremely sweet & buttery last week” BTW, GTF is Gathering Together Farm. And you’d think it was a cliche, but steak goes really well with potatoes, Sexton Ranches is across from La Terra and Temptress Truffles is squeezed in there. Or if you like the other side of the Market better, Springwater, Deck Family and Twist Wines will make for a fine dinner too. Stop and talk to the Healthetarians as you cross from one side of the Market to the other – they’ll be sample market produce.

King is King. Sunday’s 10-2; NE 7th and Wygant. Tomatoes. So many tomatoes. And Basil and bread and tomatoes, come to think of it, the King Market is a giant Panzanella Salad waiting to happen. And/or if you want to grill, the Decks will be there.

Deck the Grill

Last thing, peaches. I had 4 peaches for dinner the other night because it was just too [darn] hot to make a sandwich, let alone eat one. It was easily the best meal I’ve had since I had some of Art’s potatoes.