13 January 2012

Soup to Warm Your Body; Possibly Soul

Recipe by Katherine Deumling 

Friend of the Market, Katherine Deumling, is a very good cook. She creates a world cuisine that draws heavily from the abundance of local foods. And better than knowing how to cook, Katherine teaches people her craft emphasizing good humor and by using ingredients that are on hand. Her enterprise, Cook with What You Have, hosts classes at Deumling Kitchen Stadium in inner SE Portland.  You can check out two upcoming classes below this recipe or head over to her website to learn more. 

Winter Squash Curry

Once the squash is roasted this soup comes together in 15 minutes so roast the squash while you’re having breakfast and reading the paper and have dinner almost ready when you get home. And it’s very flavorful if you use good squash like kabocha or buttercup or butternut.

2 small butternut squashes or cabocha or other winter squash (or one large one)

2 – 4 teaspoons red or green curry paste, (Thai and True is a good local brand or Mae Ploy)

1 tablespoon coconut oil or olive oil

1 can coconut milk (full fat)

3-4 cups veggie broth (or more)

Greek or whole-milk yogurt or sour cream mixed with chopped cilantro, lime juice and salt for garnish

Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Cut the squashes in half and scrape out seeds and strings. Cut into quarters and generously drizzle cut squash with olive oil and sprinkle with salt. Roast until soft. Scrape the flesh out of the peel and put aside.

Heat the oil in large soup pot over medium-high heat. Sauté the curry paste for just a minute until fragrant. Add the roasted squash, coconut milk, and broth, bring to a boil. Simmer for about 10 minutes. Blend with an immersion blender (or in food processor) until smooth. Adjust seasoning, garnish and serve by itself or over rice.

Upcoming Classes

Pantry Stocking & Quick Meals

Saturday, January 21, 11:30-1:30 pm

What should you stock so cooking in the moment is doable and satisfying? How to make/prep things ahead of time so a variety of dinners are easy to pull together later in the week. We’ll talk about systems, planning and good technique. With those tools your confidence to cook without a specific recipe will grow and the whole thing becomes more fun!

Cost: $45

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Winter Greens: Raw, Cooked, Quick, Slow

Saturday, January 28, 11:30-1:00 pm

There are so many gorgeous greens in the markets this time of year and so many delicious ways of preparing these nutritious powerhouses to convert any kale skeptic. And for those of you who already love them, learn a great variety of techniques so that you never get tired of them.

Cost: $40

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