16 October 2015

Sponsor Highlight: Tony’s Chocolonely

There’s a new chocolatier in town: Tony’s Chocolonely, A Dutch company working to end slavery in the chocolate industry, Tony’s has made their US debut in Portland. If you were at our PSU Market on Oct. 17, you were likely lucky enough to try one (or more) of the different varieties tTony's Logohey offer, which can now be found at your local New Seasons Market.

Tony’s has arrived at a time when the food sourcing is at the forefront of more and more consumers in the US. At Portland Farmers Market we encourage consumers to learn more about where and how their food is produced (and who produces it), so we are thrilled to have Tony’s on board and to share their vision of a 100% slave free chocolate industry.

To learn more about Tony’s story, visit their website.