12 February 2016

It’s Beginning to Look Like Spring

This week’s weather has me dreaming of spring. Of course the sunny, low-60s weather was just a tease and now it’ll probably rain until June, but it’s amazing how energizing a few days of sun can be after a gray and wet winter.

Apparently people weren’t the only ones motivated by the sun, because this week’s Saturday market at PSU will have the season’s very first fresh flowers! C&K Flowers will be bringing some beautiful tulips and Rick Steffen Farm will have daffodils. As you can imagine, fresh flowers on a dreary winter day will be popular so if you’re itching to give your sweet heart a bunch of locally-grown flowers, I suggest you get to market early. They’ll go fast.

Speaking of sweethearts, Valentine’s Day is this Sunday. And if you haven’t thought of a special way to celebrate (or even if you have and are a procrastinator) with that special someone, why not head down to the PSU market to pick up some ingredients for a home-cooked meal? The beauty of living in the Pacific Northwest is that despite the cold, wet weather, our winter markets are still full of an incredible variety of locally grown food.

Here’s a sampling of what you can find at market this Saturday, Feb. 13:

  • Blue Heron Herbary will be ready to provide the vinegar and dressing you need to provide the finishing touches to a salad of hearty greens
  • Carman Ranch is also back this week with additional protein options for your table
  • Prairie Creek will have an assortment of winter veggies
  • Incredibly fragrant lavender products from Dancing Light Ranch. Be sure to stop by this week, as it’s their last market until mid-March
  • A variety of alcoholic beverages rounding out the non-alcoholic beverage options. Eastside Distilling, Stonebarn Brandyworks and Wandering Aengus are back this week.
  • C&K Flowers will be bringing the season’s first tulips and pussy willows and Rick Steffen Farm will have daffodils.
  • Be sure to stop by Two Tarts Bakery and Mio’s Delectables for some Valentine’s Day assorted cookies and pastries. The best part? Their goodies are all small bites so you can pick up an assortment!
  • And of course, plenty of the regulars to round out your week’s meals: root veggies, hearty greens, apples, eggs, nuts, grains and more!

Out this week:

  • Sweet Briar Farms
  • Persephone Farm
  • Pine Mountain Ranch
  • Blossom Vinegars

-Kelly Merrick, Communications Manager