06 June 2013

Contains: A Strawberrry Shrub

Kenton is a neighborhood in North Portland – one with a rich history, a MAX stop, a rejuvenating business district, bike lanes, parks and beginning this Friday, a Farmers Market. While other neighborhoods have some, if not many of these things, Kenton also has a liquor store meaning you can capriciously decide to make a fruit based cocktail and not worry about the extra trip to the liquor store, it’s on the block.

While I was going to give a vague approximation of a strawberry-rita, our friends at Little Green Pickle, offered us drink recipes from some of the best bars in Portland. This week we’re featuring the Shrab Swizzle from Levant. A drink that begins with the building blocks of strawberries and tequila and just gets better. Kenton Liquors is located at 8221 N Denver Ave; The Kenton Market is on Denver and McClellan and will rum every Friday 3-7. until the end of September


Levant is a French-Arabesque restaurant serving modern representations of Middle Eastern dishes in the heart of Portland, Oregon on bustling close-in East Burnside Street.

Shrab Swizzle

1 1/2oz blanco tequila

3/4oz fino sherry

3/4oz *Strawberry shrub

1/2oz **Citrus mix

5 big Moroccan mint leaves

Shake hard with crushed ice/roll into chilled collins/snow cone top with crushed ice/top with peychaud’s and angostura bitters (50:50)/mint sprig/straw

*Shrub (parts are by weight)

3 parts fresh strawberries macerated for 4 days in

3 parts refined sugar. then strained and mixed with

2 parts sherry wine vinegar

**Citrus mix

3 oranges

2 limes

1 grapefruit