15 July 2021

Summer SNAP Bonus Is Coming to PSU Farmers Market

A new program is launching at the PSU Farmers Market this week: Summer SNAP Bonus! Shoppers who spend $8 or more of their SNAP dollars at the PSU Farmers Market will receive an extra $8 bonus each visit. This program aims to provide increased access to farm-fresh foods for low-income shoppers at the PSU Farmers Market this summer. Summer SNAP Bonus bucks can be used to purchase fruits and vegetables at the market through September 25th.

Summer SNAP Bonus details:

  • SNAP recipients who use $8 or more in SNAP dollars at the PSU market will receive the $8 Summer SNAP Bonus – once per visit.
  • Summer SNAP Bonus can be used to buy: Fruit, vegetables, beans, herbs, nuts, mushrooms, and veggie starts. Other products are not eligible.
  • The last day that shoppers can use these coupons is Sept 25th, 2021.
  • Summer SNAP Bonus is only available and eligible for purchases at PSU Farmers Market

With the launch of this program at PSU Farmers Market, we are now offering SNAP match or bonus funds at all 5 of our markets this summer! SNAP shoppers at King Farmers Market, Shemanski Park Farmers Market, Kenton Farmers Market, and Lents International Farmers Market continue to receive SNAP matching through the Double Up Food Bucks program – up to $10 per visit, year round.

The Summer SNAP Bonus at PSU Farmers Market is funded by Whole Foods Market.