25 August 2015

Support Seely Family Farm

In 2007, Seely Family Farm became a vendor at Portland Farmers Market, selling their peppermint essential oils, derived from plants grown on their farm in Clatskanie, Oregon, as part of their efforts to increase local interest in their product. However, while many customers were curious of their products, most were unsure of what to do with the oils. So, as a way to appeal to more market shoppers,they created a mint patty to show people what could be done with their peppermint-essential oils.

SeelyFamilyFarmTo their surprise, the patties were a hit! Shoppers were instantly interested in the mint paired with Belgium chocolate, which soon became their signature product. Due to demand, they were able to increase production and sales, and in 2011 a Whole Foods buyer discovered them at the market. And ever since, Seely Mint can be found in Whole Foods Markets all over the country. Soon after, they left the market to focus on growing their business.

While every small business plans for and looks forward to growth, there are often challenges associated with growth and Seely Mint has been no different. Due to the high cost of equipment, every individual mint patty must be hand sealed, painstakingly one at a time. Not only is this ineffective and expensive to do, but customers have also been unsatisfied with the packaging because it is extremely difficult to open, with some even resorting to using scissors or a knife.

According to the Seely family, the solution is relatively easy. However, it is also very expensive.The machine required to do the job comes with a price tag of $50,000, an investment the Seely Family cannot afford to make on their own. So to raise funds for this equipment, they has started a campaign with Community Sourced Capital to raise a loan for the full amount they need to purchase the equipment. They intend to pay back every cent of it, and if the campaign is successful, this will be quite the easy task, as there will be a significant cost reduction in the cost of goods sold, and customers will be much happier with the new easy-to-open serrated edge package. The Seely Family is going to need lots of support, so we’re asking you to help this local business.

If you would like to learn more about the Seely Family Farm, their products and more about their campaign, visit their website or Community Sourced Capital’s website. And although they are no longer a market vendor, they will be at our PSU Market this Saturday, August 29 to continue to spread the word about their products, campaign and how you can help – so be sure to stop by and say hello and try a sample of their delicious peppermint patties and mint tea.

Best of luck, Seely Family!