18 September 2015

Sponsor Highlight: Food Front Cooperative Grocery

FoodFront-Logo-e1425933031209As the 2015 season winds down for our neighborhood markets, PFM staff has been reflecting on the year. The summer’s unprecedented heat wave certainly brought some challenges and new experiences to our vendors and staff, but overall we’d call the 2015 neighborhood market season a success. Shoppers still came to market, vendors found ways to adapt, and our special programs were still a hit (those bingo players are definitely serious about their game!).

At PFM, our mission is to operate world-class farmers markets that contribute to the success of local food growers and producers, and create vibrant community gatherings. But we can’t do it alone. PFM receives no funding from the ci
ty of Portland or any other public agency so to ensure this mission is realized, we rely on the support of community partners.

tabling picFood Front Cooperative Grocery has been one of these partners, participating as a sponsor of our Northwest market since 2008.

Food Front is an example of a sponsor that truly believes in supporting local businesses, because they are one. Their mission specifically states that they bridge the gap between local producers and Portland residents, which can easily be seen if you stroll through the aisles of Food Front’s two Portland locations (NW Thurman and SW Capitol Hwy). They are full of products from many of our vendors, ranging from Heidi Ho to Choi’s Kimchi,  Divine Pie and Baird Family Orchard.

Food Front also offers regular events and specials to support local businesses and showcase the bounty of local food, such as farm tours, tomato tastings and weekly specials that often feature our vendors’ produce.

Our markets certainly offer a wide variety of products to customers but they don’t replace the need to run to the grocery store to stock up on supplies throughout the week, so we are grateful to Food Front for helping to bridge the gap between local producers and Portland residents, and for providing an outlet for our vendors to grow their business outside of the market.

For more information about Food Front, including their locations, hours, special events, and how to become a member or to sign up for their newsletter, visit www.foodfront.coop.