25 January 2013

Top 10 Reasons to Head to the Winter Market

Post by Kelly Merrick

Photos from a post about the winter market’s opening day a few weeks ago reminded me of one reason why I love the Winter Market so much. Haven’t been to the market yet? Here are ten reasons why you should go this weekend:

  1. It’s an excuse to get out of the house on a chilly Saturday morning.
  2. You can continue to eat healthy, delicious, local produce and goods throughout the winter.
  3. Our market vendors put the time and effort to stand out in the cold every weekend and sell you their healthy, delicious local produce and goods.
  4. You can get a frequent shopper card and be entered for a chance to win a market gift basket!
  5. Verde Cocina and Salvador Molly’s are braving the winter chill to bring you hot, delicious food while you shop!
  6. Winter greens, such as kale and chard, which are full of calcium, riboflavin and other important nutrients, are abundant this time of year and can be found at many stands.
  7. Because there are fewer vendors, you can spend more time lingering at each stand and get to know your vendors better!
  8. You can still get a variety of juicy, crisp apples that make for the perfect apple pies, crisps or snacks.
  9. Root vegetables are plentiful and the weather is chilly, so you can experiment with new recipes in the comfort of your warm kitchen.
  10. Cold weather means shoppers bundle up in colorful coats, scarves and hats, making them (almost) as colorful as the produce they’re buying!
And They're Tasty Too

And They’re Tasty Too