15 October 2010

Weekly Market Report – Big Cheese Edition

The Gouda Lisa

Lisa Jacobs is an award-winning cheese maker, her crème fraiche is much talked about and much admired and much tasty. Now the Jacobs Empire is expanding with her introduction aged cheddar and Gouda. Tried, tested and retested these new cheeses are the culmination of years of training, practice and planning. Kudos to Lisa for her hard work and seeing a plan through.

Apples and cranberries are 2 of the things that Lisa says pair well with her new cheeses and not so coincidently, they are just 2 of the things that will be at the market this weekend as LaMancha Orchards joins us and the bog-people; the bog-farmers of Eagle Organic Cranberries are joining the PSU Market from Southern Oregon.

Also at PSU this weekend: Victory Estates olive oil, Nut-tritious foods plus all the usual faces selling pears, nuts, potatoes, bread and oh everything else that is season.

Speaking of season – King, Pioneer Courthouse Square, Shemanski are all up and running on their usual days until the end of October. They all keep the same hours 10-2, they are easy that way.

I have been enjoying a cocktail of 4 parts Vincent Family Cranberry Juice and 1 part Clear Creek Pear Brandy – shaken over ice and served up, I call it good. As for naming it that seems to be an issue all I can come up with is Crapear and that just ain’t right. Enjoy the Markets, enjoy the cool-clear-dry weather and enjoy bounty for they all come to an end soon enough.