30 September 2010

Weekly Market Report – Summer Markets; Had me a Blast

Farewell until next season, NW 23rd Market

Today is the last day of the season for 2 of PFM’s Markets. Thursdays seemed to be especially cursed this year – it seemingly rained on 85% of our weekday afternoon Markets. A sentiment nullified by PFM Executive Director Ann Forsthoefel. When asked about her thoughts on the first full year of our 23rd Ave Market, Ann responded, “Weather-smeather, it was a good first year…NW 23rd is a great neighborhood; hosting great farmers, vendors and customers. Food Front Coop did a great job of promoting our new Market and Con-way, who donated the location for the Market, were wonderful hosts. We have a strong foundation to build on next season.”

We will be saying goodbye to our Buckman Market today too – Except for one day in November to help Southeastern Portlanders keep Thanksgiving local. Today is your best chance to say so long to Buckman-only vendors: Denison, Tails & Trotters, Star Anise, 2 Forks Farm and Reister Lamb. If goodbye is too final for you, head to Buckman for the food. Market Manager, Jamie thinks you should close out the Market by staying seasonal and local; Tamiyasu pears paired with either Rogue ‘Caveman’ Blue or Dee Creek ‘Chester’. For those looking for a heartier meal now that it is October – from the Roman/Latin, meaning ‘season of soup’* – Jamie recommends Kabocha and Cinderella squash for squash soup time. (*Or, a more literal translation is octo=eighth; October was the 8th month of the Roman year.)

And if you think how can the Markets close when the bounty is just getting started, PFM still has 4 Markets going. There is another month of Farmers Marketing to be had at the Shemanski, King and Pioneer Courthouse Square locations. PSU goes until very late in the year – And there is some seriously good food rolling through the Markets now. Award winning cheeses, grass fed beef, line caught fish, Oregon and SW Washington grown fruits and veg, delicious hot food and pretty-pretty flowers offer 100s of chances to keep it local.